Travis Scott’s Air Jordan 1s sell out during Grammys

While we were all enjoying Travis Scott’s performance at the Grammys, his Air Jordan 1s dropped and sold out in less than a minute.

As of this writing, this year’s Grammy Awards went off the air not too long ago and boy, what a momentous night it was for several celebrities. Artists like Childish Gambino and Kasey Musgraves won big at the award show, musicians like Cardi B made history, and most relevant to this conversation, Travis Scott stole the entire show. Not just because of his electric performance he gave earlier tonight on stage, but because he made some huge money in shoe sales during said performance.

We reported just an hour ago that the rapper was wearing the Air Jordan 1s which he collaborated with Nike to make; these shoes are also notably and affectionately nicknamed as the “Cactus Jack” sneakers. He wore these – at the time – sneakers that were yet to be released by the public. That is, until sometime during his performance.

It seems as though while the producer was telling the crowd to “tear the club up” while performing “No Bystanders” from his album, Astroworld,  Nike decided to drop a surprise release for the Air Jordan 1s. This surprise did not sneak past the die hard sneakerheads online. In fact, said sneakerheads came to Nike’s online shops in drones and in full force. The Air Jordan 1s were online for just one single minute before they were sold out while Scott was just barely halfway into his performance.

We have to congratulate both Nike and Travis Scott for a big sale, but most importantly, congratulations are in order for the singer himself. While he failed to capture any of the Grammys he was nominated for, the rising star turned heads with a terrific performance and he made some extra bucks without having to tell people to go buy his shoes. The shoes sold themselves, essentially.