Preview for Game of Thrones x adidas collection

Fans who are impatiently waiting for new Game of Thrones episodes can hold themselves over by buying a pair of sneakers from adidas’s new line of shoes based on the popular George R.R. Martin universe.

The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones is slowly dwarfing upon us, currently set for an Apr. 14 season premiere date. Fans are eagerly anticipating and impatiently waiting for the world of Winterfell to return to their television screens. Those hardcore fans who are especially itching for their fix of dragon related goodness can hold themselves over with adidas’s upcoming collection of GoT-themed sneakers.

We reported last month that adidas’s Game of Thrones special edition line was leaked. Now, adidas have gone and officially released previews for what all six of their Game of Thrones line will be looking like. The Game of Thrones x adidas collaboration will feature six pairs of sneakers based on the House of Stark, House of Targaryen, House of Lannister, the White Walkers, the Night’s Watch and Daenerys. All of which have always been considered huge highlights of both the television show and the books, so sneakerhead fans should be thrilled to see them get their own shoes.

Each pair of shoes will be appearing on the shoe brand’s Ultra Boost 4.0. Prices for the Boosts usually range at anywhere between $180 and $120. Of course, do not be surprised if the Game of Thrones themed sneaks do not wind up being a little pricier due to the franchise’s popularity.

These shoes have yet to have an official release date announced, but they are expected to release sometime in April to coincide with the premiere date for the show’s final season on HBO.

Are you pumped about adidas’s Game of Thrones inspired pumped up kicks? Let us know in the comments below.

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