Adidas x Parley shine at Australian Open

Adidas’ ocean awareness efforts continue well past the Parley line of shoes. The Australian Open served as adidas new Parley fashion week, and the performance was a Gland Slam.

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans continued it’s socially aware marketing campaign at the Austrian Open recently, using the Bondi Icebergs pool with ocean views as a way to spread the message. Adidas and Parley for the Oceans created a line of shoes made with recycled ocean plastic to show that the uses for ocean plastic almost outnumber the reasons to clean the oceans of the trash.

The Australian Open is the big tennis event to start the season. Adidas used the opportunity to open 2019 with a strong message focused on cleaner oceans and fresher, more earth friendly shoes on consumers feet. Now, adidas Tennis has a performance line of Parley sneakers, showing that athletes need not worry about footwear performance lacking while trying to be environmentally conscience.

To prove the performance point, ATP Finals winner Sascha Zverev and reigning Australian Open champion Caroline Wozniacki will wear adidas Parley Tennis shoes during the competition. To bring awareness to the Parley for the Oceans initiative, adidas pitched in to produce a tennis court over the pool.

The adidas Tennis line uses Parley’s Ocean Plastic™ material, which uses plastic trash washing onto beaches and clogging coastal waterways . The line is just part of the awareness efforts to combat marine plastic pollution. The Tennis apparel goes beyond just footwear with the adidas SoleCourt Boost Parley, with adidas incorporating Parley into the whole collection.  The tennis tops, shirts, and dresses during competition will always be made using Parley plastic.

Ivan Meija-Devora, apparel designer for adidas Tennis was quoted in the adidas press release:

“This is a really exciting collection for us and it made total sense to introduce our first ever adidas tennis and Parley for the Oceans collection at the Australian Open– given the coastal landscape of Melbourne. We always look to the city of the Grand Slam for inspiration when designing our tournament collections, choosing colours and styles that align to the style of the area – but with this collection we’ve been able to take it one step further, using Parley Ocean Plastic™ to create eco-innovative apparel and footwear to inspire positive change and help raise awareness to better protect the oceans.”

Adidas is holding serve in the Sneaker Wars, and these types of outreach effort will help the brand continue to bring in loyal fans. 

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