Game of Thrones x adidas wears the crown

The slow march of anticipation towards the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is building. A long rumored adidas line celebrating the show is finally leaking out with releases to the public beginning soon.

The final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones is approaching. Just like the impeding release of the Night King’s wrath, the adidas release of this Game of Thrones line is unknown. No matter which house, living or dead, controls Westeros in the end, adidas can have fans of the show sitting on their thrones in style.

It appears each remaining house of stature will receive adidas royal treatment. The House Targaryen editions have been officially announced, while rumored House Lannister and White Walker editions have been leaked.

The House Targaryen editions play on the Fire of Daenerys’ dragons with orange on black patterns. The UltraBoost bottoms will make the walks across the kingdom comfortable.

Every adidas Game of Thrones sneaker leaked has been of the UltraBoost variety. All have had heel tabs and slogan on the tongue tabs as well. Respected sneaker instagram’er solebyjc has leaked several pairs of these limited Game of Thrones adidas.

In pictures with a glimpse, each edition has a Game of Thrones sole liner. If all House’s get the same treatment, the laces will all have the same finishing touches. If not with ‘Game of Thrones’ markings, the slogans of each House are being incorporated. Adidas and HBO are leaving nothing to chance, and no revenue model unexplored, for the last season of Game of Thrones.

Shoes may be the base of any wardrobe. Whether dressed for battles for the kingdom or strolling down the boulevard in celebration, the adidas x Game of Thrones line will help fans of all House’s fly their flags of grail glory. You can bet on it.

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No really, you can bet on the Game of Thrones. The Yeezy Mafia Twitter account even released a Stark model, giving a line of hope to those believing the Starks would be second best. Judging on the released imagines, the Stark’s may have the classiest edition.

Some of the leaked photos have slight differences, but all have been consistent. The Throne may be desireable, but that puts a target on one’s back. These special edition adidas are shaping up to be the Grails of the year.

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