Adidas gaining fans and momentum in sneaker wars

Adidas is gaining momentum in the sneaker wars that will never end. Yeezy’s and Ultraboost hype is real, and so is the brands rise in the Fanside 250.

The sneaker culture is growing. Hype beast are spawning new fans as quick as adidas can pump out new special edition Ultraboost. Most all Yeezy’s sell out, and are then resold, immediately.

This is a new day, and adidas is building a new, more complex mosaic around it’s nostalgic reputation and aura. After years of fortifying, adidas has hit with new endorsement and collaboration models and game changing technology. Now the headlines scream about adidas taking market share. 

How have they attracted new fans? Lifestyle lines and more encouraging Major League Soccer offerings only account for so much. But make no doubt about it, the FanSided 250 is in, and adidas is doing well, in most everything adidas is doing.

A snippet from the fulll FanSided 250 article highlights how, though “sports fans and fashion fans tend to exist on near opposite ends of the affinity spectrum, but Adidas has long united” those two markets under the iconic trefoil umbrella.

Adidas as one of the most beloved brands of all time. Fans’ devotion to iconic styles like the Stan Smiths and Superstars and limited, highly anticipated releases like Yeezys, along with smart partnerships and sponsorships with the most topical athletes keep the brand on the cutting edge of streetwear, athleisure and sports performance. Fans of Adidas don’t just buy products, they hype them up. And that’s fandom.

The #CreatorsUnite campaign has been a wonderful success and sends an even better message. Most sneaker brands are seeking prositive vibes through social outreach. The 3 Stripes are nailing it.


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From basketball and tennis to soccer, the 3 stripes are in every game in the world. James Harden leads the NBA contingent, while Leo Messi is the most popular athlete on the planet.

Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, and so many other collaborators are taking the adidas canvas, and blending it with their own. Because of that accessibility, the shoe giants are risers in this year’s FanSided 250.