ESPN’s Brian Windhorst goes sneaker shopping for hype kicks

After reporting on basketball sneakers for years, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst finally put his money where his mouth is and went shopping for some hype kicks.

What’s more fun than picking up a choice pair of kicks from your favorite brand? Watching other people flex out on all things hype while dropping stacks on some sweet shoes.

That’s why Complex‘s ‘Sneaker Shopping‘ series is so popular, it’s fun to watch other people buy fire kicks.

Well, on a recent episode of ESPN’s The Jump, senior writer and fill-in host Brian Windhorst was looking for some fire.

Paired up with ESPN’s senior sneakerhead Nick DePaula, the dynamic duo took a trip to RIFLA in Los Angeles in a seemingly arduous attempt to breathe some fresh fire into Windhorst’ closet.

With, shall we say mixed results.

After checking out a pair of $20,000 shoes signed by DJ Khalid, some Michigan Jordan 5s, and a pair of Adidas Yeezy 350s, Windhorst tried on a pair of Off-White Jordan 1s in Carolina Blue, and needless to say, hilarity ensued (if you haven’t checked out the video yet, here you go).

Unaware as to why the sneakers had security tags attached, Windhorst laced up the five-figure Off-Whites in a loose, Kanye-esque fashion before making the controversial decision to protrude out the tongue, a new trend that he believes could be “a new trend”.

I, personally don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Though he left the store with a bag, presumably loaded up with the aforementioned Off-White Jordans, we may never know if Windhorst’s experience at RIFLA will have a lasting impact on his fashion sense, as in the very next segment he was back to wearing a pair of black nondescript Nikes at The Jumps’ desk.

Now granted, we don’t know ESPN’s dress code, but that can’t be a good sign.

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So even though it may have all been for not, and nothing more than a vanity segment, it was fun to watch a typically straight-laced reporter like Brian Windhorst really cut loose and go out of his element while sneaker shopping. While he may not have caught fire, maybe the experience will help him to appreciate the plight of an NBA player like P.J. Tucker, and give more respect to the signature sneaker game as a whole in future stories? I’m sure it’ll be fire.

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