WWE Superstar Seth “Freakin” Rollins ditches wrestling boots for luxury sneakers at WrestleMania XL

The always colorful Seth "Freakin'' Rollins opted for quite an expensive set of shoes to wear in the ring.
WrestleMania 40
WrestleMania 40 / WWE/GettyImages

WWE Superstar Seth “Freakin” Rollins had his work cut out for him during WrestleMania XL weekend. On Night One, he stood alongside his former rival, “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes, as they faced Roman Reigns and The Rock, in a mega star-power main event. The duo came up short against the powerful Bloodline faction, however, Rollins still had to worry about his World Title defence on Night Two against “The Scottish Psychopath” Drew McIntyre. 

It was during the marquee World Heavyweight Championship match that "The Visionary" caught everyone's attention with his unconventional choice of footwear. Instead of the typical pro wrestling boots, Rollins opted for a luxurious pair of high-end shoes. These luxury sneakers are the Nike Fear of God 1 in the “Sail” colorway.

Brought to you by FOG’s Jerry Lorenzo, the Nike Fear of God 1 model is described as an “ultra-clean look… that blurs the lines between a basketball performance model and a luxury streetwear sneaker.” 

Seeing as basketball requires a great deal of lateral quickness and agility, much like professional wrestling, it comes as no surprise for one of the WWE’s finest to use these sneakers in the ring. With the growing trend of pro wrestlers choosing stylishness over traditional footwear, Rollins is a prime candidate to integrate luxury fashion into his character.

Who better to wear a pair of Nike Fear of God 1s in the ring than Seth "Freakin" Rollins?

Seth Rollins is widely regarded as one of wrestling's absolute best when it comes to character reinvention and work rate. Beginning his early WWE journey as a member of The Shield, to his time as "The Architect", becoming "The Kingslayer", a villainous transformation to "The Monday Night Messiah", to the somewhat delusional, yet colorful "Visionary" character he is now.

It's the character arc he has been in of late, "The Visionary", where Rollins has taken his outfits, footwear, and persona way over the top. No one really knows what Rollins is supposed to be, which makes his character kind of funny in essence. He shows up in bright costumes, laughs like a maniacal Joker, has the crowd singing his theme song, and it just works!

Rollins even went viral in February 2023, when he appeared on an episode of Monday Night Raw wearing a pair of MSCHF "Big Red Boots", probably the best statement piece for an eccentric character like The Visionary to showcase.

Unfortunately, The Visionary fell short in his World Title defense against Drew McIntyre, making him 0-2 on his WrestleMania XL matchups. But given his lengthy accomplishments across WWE and ability to stand toe-to-toe with the best of them, Rollins is a lock for a first-ballot Hall of Fame induction when his career is all said and done. And who knows? Maybe there's a sneaker endorsement deal in the cards for him too?

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