Reports suggest AEW stars The Young Bucks' Reebok collaboration is a success

The Young Bucks love taking things over the top, and their high-top Reebok Pump Omni II collab did quite well in its debut.
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It appears as if the worlds of professional wrestling and sneakers are becoming more and more intertwined. As we've covered before on the site, wrestlers across various promotions are ditching traditional wrestling boots for fashionable sneakers. Two athletes known for doing so are current AEW Tag Team Champions and co-EVPs, Matt and Nick Jackson, The Young Bucks. But their sneaker endeavors have stretched beyond simply wearing luxury kicks, as the EVPs recently announced a Reebok partnership that would bring forth a Young Bucks-licensed set of shoes.

In an over-the-top manner for The Young Bucks to promote their new shoes, a kooky advertisement aired on the May 15 edition of AEW's flagship program, Dynamite. The Bucks' shoe features a majority black suede upper, with a colorful touch akin to the Jackson brothers' flashy style. Engraved in the sneakers is text that reads "Reebok Superkicks", which is a nod to The Young Bucks' signature maneuver.

This Reebok collaboration marked The Young Bucks' first taste of working with a major sneaker entity, but wasn't exactly their first. The Young Bucks partnered in 2022 with Diadora, an Italian sportswear and footwear company. Their initial 1,200 shoe release sold out in a flash, leaving a lasting impression. This rapid success didn't go unnoticed, particularly by Reebok, who took notice of the duo's ability to create a buzz in the market.

When the sneakers dropped on May 27, The Young Bucks took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to promote their new Reebok kicks and make their success known to the public. Needless to say, the release of the Young Bucks x Reebok Pump Omni II was a major triumph, exceeding expectations and marking a significant milestone between the crossover appeal of pro wrestling and fashion/footwear.

The fans may have turned on The Young Bucks, but they certainly didn't hold out on their new Reebok Pump Omni II release.

Popular professional wrestling 'dirt sheet', the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, covered the success of the Young Bucks-Reebok project in further detail in their latest edition:

"The Young Bucks Reebok pump shoe deal was a big success. Both Champs and Reebok were thrilled with the sales. Reebok said they haven’t seen a sneaker sell like that one did in day one in years. The first day sales were 2,600 at $130 plus tax. That was nearly the entire limited edition order and the entire order of just under 3,000 is now termed a sellout. There may be some still available with cancellations of a few orders an expected part of that business but they expected even those cancellations and those put back up would be all gone by the time you read this. It was a one time special edition release. But with the success they are already in talks about a future project for the next year."

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Surely, Reebok will take the correct business route of introducing further Young Bucks-inspired models in the future, rather than simply re-upping on the first Pump Omni II. Who knows, this could be the start of a lengthy collection of Young Bucks' Reebok models. AEW is hopeful with its crossover appeal, and The Young Bucks are relatively popular enough to jumpstart their foray into the sneaker community. It was a good start, now it's just a matter of what comes next!

AEW's The Young Bucks partner with Reebok for sneaker collab. AEW's The Young Bucks partner with Reebok for sneaker collab. dark. Next