AEW's The Young Bucks are superkicking the competition in luxury sneakers

AEW EVPs, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson play their dastardly villain roles in style, with over-the-top outfits and shoe games.
2020 C2E2
2020 C2E2 / Barry Brecheisen/GettyImages

Needless to say, one of AEW's mainstay tag teams showcase their talents in the ring with an all-elite level shoe taste. Of course, we're talking about AEW Executive Vice President's and founding fathers, Matthew (Matt) and Nicholas (Nick) Jackson, collectively known as The Young Bucks.

The Young Bucks have a fair share of admirers and haters. Their over-the-top, high-flying style has garnered a polarizing response, with some pundits/fans praising them exceedingly, while others have denounced them to an equal degree. Nevertheless, the Bucks have taken these criticisms in stride and often leaned into the hate with their wrestling personas and antics.

AEW's The Young Bucks have integrated their love for sneakers into their wrestling careers.

Their ability to feed into hatred against them has grown with their recurring decisions to wear luxury sneakers in the ring. For starters, some of their choices are just interpreted as outright absurd to wear in a wrestling match, as they've stepped into the ring rocking everything from Travis Scott Jordan 1's, the "Banned" Jordan 1's, to the infamous Dior Jordan 1 collab.

The extremely limited availability of these particular sneakers and their willingness to destroy them in wrestling matches have some questioning their authenticity. But this is just another layer to the Bucks' ability to get people talking.

Whether The Young Bucks wear reps or not, it's no secret the Jackson boys are some true sneakerheads. As a matter of fact, the Bucks were invited to participate in a Complex Sneaker Shopping episode with Joe La Puma, where they went into detail about growing up loving shoes, their all-time favorites, and even tweaking certain kicks for the ring.

Probably their most famous sneaker 'spot' in AEW thus far was their All Out 2021 moment wherein Matt Jackson brought out a thumbtack-covered Travis Scott x Fragment, Air Jordan 1's. That's one way to frustrate hardcore pro wrestling fans and sneakerheads alike. That's not all, Matt Jackson might've upped the ante with an exploding superkick 'spot' at Double or Nothing 2023, where he was wearing a set of "Next Chapter" Air Jordan 1's.

The Young Bucks' enthusiasm for the shoe game has seen them collaborate with sportswear company Diadora to release limited edition YB basketball sneakers. The response to the sneakers was more or less like their wrestling characters are received, some people rocked with them, and others clowned them with pleasure. Good guys or bad guys, The Young Bucks will certainly continue to turn heads with their flashy shoe choices in and out of the ring.