Phoenix Suns star guard Devin Booker details journey to first signature sneaker with JJ Redick

The dream for many basketball players is to get their first signature shoe and Phoenix Suns superstar, Devin Booker, has manifested this moment since childhood.

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Today's episode of "The Old Man & the Three" with JJ Redick featured Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker, who is coming off the heels of releasing his first-ever signature sneaker with Nike.

Arguably the NBA's premier shooting guard, Devin Booker brings his star power to Nike with his highly sought-after Book 1 sneaker.

The 27-year-old Booker has had the privilege of playing in the league for 9 seasons and was allowed to finally get that Nike signature sneaker. This is a dream for many who touch a basketball from when they are young, all the way until signing that lucrative contract and becoming a player in the NBA.

Devin Booker has one of the more unique signature sneakers currently in the league, given his Nike Book 1 is a mixture of the casual design of a lifestyle sneaker, with the mechanics and essentials of a basketball hooping shoe. The design process had to have been an interesting one as Redick asked what it took to get his way when ultimately agreeing on the design and where they were going to take it.

""This is what I am obsessive over, is the shoe""

Devin Booker

"It was always a dream of mine, I used to draw sketches as a kid all through school... put my signature on there, and now to relive that and be able to do that with in my opinion the best company in the world," said Booker when asked about how this dream came together and the steps taken to get here to this moment. It was always in the "vision plan" for Booker, dating back to his childhood.

The Nike Book 1s are currently hard to get a hold of as they are constantly selling out at sneaker stores all over and are one of the hottest commodities in the basketball shoe market today. If interested in a pair, get them upon release, as they may become suddenly unavailable in an instant.