Devin Booker takes All-Star leap with sneaker collaboration, Nike Book 1 "Mirage"

2024 NBA All-Star Devin Booker brings a subtle, yet stylish tone with the February 17 release of his Nike Book 1 "Mirage".
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors
Phoenix Suns v Golden State Warriors / Lachlan Cunningham/GettyImages

Fans of Devin Booker can rejoice with the first general release of his signature Nike Book 1 sneaker. The colorway, which has been christened "Mirage" takes inspiration from Booker's journey from his early days to the peak of his professional career. In a metaphoric sense, the Nike Book 1 "Mirage" is far from just a fancy title, it's the culmination of Booker's childhood aspirations manifesting into reality. And a very rewarding reality at that, as Devin Booker will take part in his fourth NBA All-Star Game as a Western Conference reserve.

Devin Booker's All-Star weekend shines brighter with release of Nike Book 1 "Mirage"

The earthy tones of "Mirage" also highlight the dry, desert vibes of Booker's hometown team of Phoenix. With a generous touch of the Suns' trademark orange, the combination of shades provides a refined, yet still eye-catching flair to a rather casual looking basketball sneaker. At first glance, the shoe does look to take concept inspiration from two of Nike's most popular casualwear shoes, the Nike Air Force 1 and Nike Blazer.

Does it look like a hybrid of those two designs? Sure. Is the color a little boring to some people? Probably.

Be that as it may, Devin Booker does have a track record of having his sneakers take a bit of a toned-down approach and stepping back from the flashy, vibrant world of basketball shoes. Back in 2019, Booker released a Nike Air Force 1 Low colorway labelled "Moss Point" after the high school he attended. The light blue and grey tones are a testament to Booker's color input being simple, yet effective. It seems Booker also loves to draw inspiration on a deeper, personal level, as the "Moss Point" shoes had respectful phrases "No Sir" and "Yes Ma'am" stitched on the heel tabs.

Book's "Mirage" are no different in showcasing some of his unique touches, as the insole features a barcode highlighting zip codes of his native Grand Rapids and home team Phoenix, family initials on tongue tag, and the heel tabs marked "96" for Booker's birth year and "Chapter One" referring to the inaugural release. Whether you like the Nike Book 1 "Mirage" or not, there's no question it's a huge milestone for the crossover career of NBA All-Star Devin Booker.

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