LaMelo Ball's Puma LaFrance gets two vibrant new colorways for Summer '24

The two latest iterations of the Hornets star's signature Puma line will be released on July 5th, with a starting retail price of $110.
Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets
Indiana Pacers v Charlotte Hornets / Grant Halverson/GettyImages

Building on the buzz surrounding its initial release, Charlotte Hornets franchise star LaMelo Ball and German sportswear company Puma have unveiled a duo of vibrant designs that promise to elevate the style game for the summer season, continuing their collaborative partnership with a fresh and exciting drop.

Puma's work alongside LaMelo Ball has been quite successful, and they look to ride the wave again with the next line of LaFrance color variants.

The Puma LaFrancé defies conventional norms, much like LaMelo's bold performance style. Instead of conforming to traditional design sensibilities, the shoe embarks on a distinct path, drawing inspiration from avant-garde fashion and streetwear. The aesthetic is reminiscent of boundary-pushing designs from the likes of similar chunky, low-profile Y2K-era silhouettes, in addition to borrowing elements from luxury footwear offerings. The skate-inspired silhouette features unique oval cutouts on the sides, which harmonize with embossed midsole detailing. Adding an extra touch of flair are the prominent TPU pull tab on the heel and bold text branding on the outsoles, boldly declaring the shoe's identity.

The first iteration, dubbed the "Untouchable" colorway, boasts a sleek black base paired with vibrant hot pink accents in the oval cutouts and outsole branding, creating a bold and eye-catching contrast. A pink-and-black attack if you will, à la pro wrestling legend Bret "The Hitman" Hart, who made these colors his trademark during his heyday. At least that's the image conjured when I see these two colors together. While some may view this pairing as an unconventional choice, it's undeniable that the resulting aesthetic has the potential to turn heads and add a unique twist to any outfit.

In stark contrast, the "Moment" edition takes a more understated approach, with a creamy off-white hue serving as the primary canvas, punctuated by dark brown text that adds a touch of sophistication underfoot. This palette, evoking the warmth and serenity of sandy dunes, may be particularly well-suited to the hot summer months, as its beach-inspired aesthetic is sure to evoke feelings of relaxation and freedom. The combination of soft whites and earthy browns creates a look that's both timeless and effortlessly chic, making this colorway an excellent choice for those seeking a stylish yet laid-back addition to their summer wardrobe.

In a departure from the patent leather used on the initial "Amour" release, these new designs opt for traditional leather uppers, offering a more premium feel and timeless appeal. With these two new colorways, LaMelo and Puma demonstrate their commitment to pushing the boundaries of style and creativity while maintaining a focus on quality and comfort.