Kendrick Lamar brought the style in Not Like Us music video, rocking Converse and Martine Rose

After hinting at a forthcoming album, Kendrick Lamar has kicked off the highly anticipated rollout, marking the beginning of an exciting journey to his new musical project.
The Pop Out – Ken & Friends Presented by pgLang and Free Lunch
The Pop Out – Ken & Friends Presented by pgLang and Free Lunch / Timothy Norris/GettyImages

As Kendrick Lamar comes fresh off the heels of his back-and-forth battle with Drake, he has decided to use the momentum to step back into the spotlight of the public in a strong way. First, Lamar would hold "The Pop Out with Ken and Friends", a concert held on Juneteenth to celebrate the unification of the West and Kendrick's beef victory over Drake. While fans thought that would be the last bit of public appearances from "Mr. Morale" for the foreseeable future, they would quickly be proven wrong.

As soon as days after The Pop Out concert took place, Lamar was seen at various Compton spots that are recognizable to the residents which would result in scenes filmed for the official "Not Like Us" music video. While multiple behind-the-scenes shots would begin to surface, mainly of Lamar and DJ Mustard, the crowd, and Lamar dancing to the song, nobody had official confirmation of when the video would be released or how long and how major the production could end up being. Speculation of if there would be multiple videos filmed for multiple songs would begin as fans could not wait to see what the finished product would look like.

Lamar would drop the music video in full officially on his Youtube channel on July 4th, keeping the historical theme alive. Along with multiple easter eggs in relation to the feud with Drake, Kendrick spends most of the scenes in the video sporting a pair of low-top Converse's showing the possibility that his relationship with the brand is alive and well. Could a new collaboration between Converse and pgLang / Kendrick Lamar be on the way? Fans will have to wait for an official announcement but with Lamar sporting the sneaker, it could be a good sign for fans of both.

In the Not Like Us music video, Kendrick Lamar exhibits a more refined side of his style, departing from his typical straightforward aesthetic.

Kendrick also took the opportunity to show the type of fashion pieces he has added to his closet recently. For the majority of the video, he is seen wearing different pieces from the brand Martine Rose, Some of the clothes featured are the Striped Track Jacket, Field Jacket, Leather Rider Jacket, white "How's It Hanging?" tee, Twist Seam Cargo Pants, and while not part of the collection a pair of LOEWE Sequin Shorts.