Kendrick Lamar took it old school at The Pop Out wearing Y2K-era Nike Shox

Kung-Fu Kenny went full hater mode at his "The Pop Out: Ken & Friends" event, but did so in style.
The Pop Out – Ken & Friends Presented by pgLang and Free Lunch
The Pop Out – Ken & Friends Presented by pgLang and Free Lunch / Timothy Norris/GettyImages

Live from the fabulous Forum in Inglewood, Kendrick Lamar celebrated Black Music Month and the Juneteenth holiday with a one-time event titled "The Pop Out: Ken & Friends", featuring some of the West Coast region’s absolute best in hip-hop and rap. Some of the rap’s game finest were present including Tyler, the Creator, Steve Lacy, YG, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ty Dolla Sign, and West Coast legend Dr. Dre. 

Announced in early June to the surprise of many, the man known as “K-Dot” would take to the grand stage for the first time since his highly publicized feud with Canadian rapper Drake this past Spring. Instead of being a lone showcase for Lamar, the show’s name indicated he would be joined by others throughout the performance, although no names were formally announced ahead of time. 

During the show, Kendrick Lamar would tap right back into his hating ways, performing four of his five Drake diss tracks, including six simultaneous performances of “Not Like Us” (albeit one was instrumental, but you get the point). Pundits and rap enthusiasts alike praised Lamar for the event, utilizing the mainstream exposure gained from the Drake beef to help elevate underground artists and promote unity in the LA scene, often faced with turmoil and conflict. Ironically enough, Kendrick's hate for Drake somehow brought everybody in the West Coast together for one night, putting their differences aside to collectively celebrate their East Coast foes' downfall.

Who knew Kendrick's severe disdain for Drake could move mountains in the City of Angels?

Another aspect of Lamar’s event that got people talking was his attire for the night, particularly his choice of footwear. Kendrick showed up to the spectacle in his best average Joe outfit, rocking jeans, a red hoodie, a white t-shirt, a red hat, black-framed glasses, and retro Nike Shox R4 in “White/Comet Red”. 

First introduced in 2000, this retro runner boasts a striking upper composed of a harmonious blend of white and silver leather. Reflective accents incorporated on the heel add a touch of sophistication, providing increased visibility in low-light environments. This thoughtful design element not only enhances the shoe's aesthetic appeal but also prioritizes functionality. The eye-catching contrast between the upper's monochromatic palette and the spring-loaded Shox heel unit, which bursts forth with vibrant Comet Red hues, creates a visually striking visual effect.

The Ken & Friends tagline wasn't exclusive to just those in the music industry, as some of basketball's finest from the City of Angels were also in attendance. Kendrick Lamar brought two of California's finest hoopers on stage in Clippers guard Russell Westbrook and Bulls forward DeMar DeRozan. The two vibed along with Kendrick on stage as he proudly rapped his favorite diss track "Not Like Us". The DeRozan on-stage appearance is striking seeing as he spent nearly ten years as the franchise cornerstone for Drake's hometown Toronto Raptors, and the two were reportedly close. Furthermore, another supposed Drake ally was present in the crowd as Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James was seen in attendance.

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