HOKA is stepping up their Transport sneaker by introducing a GORE-TEX model

The HOKA Transport is arguably the brand's premier model, and now they've improved an already all-purpose sneaker by adding a weatherproof edition.
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HOKA's well-rounded Transport sneaker has been updated and transformed multiple times in just a short time since it first became available on the market. The original Transport model was released in January, followed by the more high-tech Transport X version with a carbon-plated design to accommodate runners looking for a "smooth-riding rocker for effortless heel-to-toe transitions."

The latest addition to the Transport collection is the HOKA Transport GTX, which features the same base design as the models before it but with enhanced durability for all types of weather conditions. This new version is made with GORE-TEX material for improved wicking control and features a sustainable sugarcane EVA midsole and EcoStep Recycled EVO outsole for traction. And just to prove the model is top-tier, HOKA happily advertises an emblem on its official site citing the Transport as the 2023 Men's Health Awards "Most Versatile New Release".

HOKA's new Transport GTX is guaranteed to impress both casual wearers and trail hikers with its versatility.

The shoe still features the quick-toggle lace system borrowed from the original Transport, instead of the classic laces featured on the Transport X. This would make sense as the Transport X is tailored as a running shoe, and one would need real laces on there to maximize security around the ankle and heel. The Transport GTX on the other hand, is more of a hybrid of trail and lifestyle sneaker, so the convenient no-tie, lace-lock system is justified.

The HOKA Transport GTX is garnering praise as one of the brand's most flexible sneakers, as at its base it is a high-performance trail shoe with the ability to withstand any climate, providing everyday comfort for its wearers, while also maintaining a stylish look for casual settings.

It doesn't get more high-profile in terms of publicity than US President Joe Biden rocking the HOKA Transport. He isn't necessarily wearing the new GTX model, but Biden himself and significant figures around him swear by the Transport's ability to keep the 81-year-old stable and comfortable. If it works for him, why wouldn't a pair of HOKA Transport's work for you? With the Salomon XT-6 GTX having a lot of suitors, in due time, it might be the HOKA Transport GTX that gives it a run for its money.

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