Is President Joe Biden covering up his aging stability issues by wearing HOKA shoes?

The 81-year-old US President is no stranger to trips and falls, and he’s opted to wear a HOKA model tailored for ‘maximum stability’.

President Biden Departs The White House For Wisconsin
President Biden Departs The White House For Wisconsin / Kevin Dietsch/GettyImages

Concerned citizens have questioned President Joe Biden and his suspected ailing health, with a proneness to falling being a key highlight of his alleged deteriorating condition. 

Thus, many do not view Biden's choice of Hoka sneakers as simply a trendy, fashion statement. Many believe Biden is required to wear Hoka's to accommodate his susceptibility to stumbling and staggered movements.

Social media is divided on US President Joe Biden and his new HOKA sneakers. Some feel he looks 'cool', while others believe he's hiding a weakened health from the public.

To further support these claims, the HOKA Transport model that Biden was seen sporting is touted as a "lifestyle hiking/walking shoe for those who wants an athletic casual look and versatility to go off-road for mild hiking or mixed terrain when needed." The shoe also "features a Vibram outsole that makes going on grass and trail a breeze when needed, yet is relaxed enough for walking on regular surfaces and in store."

Given the many occasions wherein President Biden has to walk across the White House grass to board Marine One, it's no surprise this HOKA sneaker is his model of choice. They may be seen as 'maximum stability' shoes, however, the HOKA Transport has also been praised for its "comfort and cushioning".

According to President Biden's annual health summary from February 2023, the 81-year-old suffered from a "perceptibly stiffened ambulatory gait" and a finding of "Mild Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy" which refers to nerve damage that controls foot movement.

These health findings were prompted by Biden's many public missteps, with a 2021 occurrence heading up the stairs of Air Force One ending in three falls in five seconds. This resulted in the White House team installing a shorter set of stairs aboard the aircraft. People are entitled to their theories, but White House Deputy Press Secretary Andrew Bates claims that Biden uses the active footwear to help him stay in shape.

Whether it's to keep tip-top exercise shape or the beacon of stability Biden needs to go about daily activities, remains in question. But one thing is for sure, these HOKA shoes are insanely comfortable, and people everywhere are raving over them. It just so happens Biden's decision to jump aboard the bandwagon is not going without its fair share of criticism.

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