Brooks looks to the future with exciting vision under new CEO leadership

With a newly appointed CEO in command of operations, this move signals that the company is here to stay and is ready to thrive.

Brooks Pure Project Exclusive Preview At The Annenburg Beach House
Brooks Pure Project Exclusive Preview At The Annenburg Beach House / Jerod Harris/GettyImages

Once at risk of ceasing operations due to bankruptcy, Seattle-based Brooks Running is now solidifying its future by promoting chief operating officer Dan Sheridan to the position of chief executive officer.

Thrust into the main operations at Brooks, Dan Sheridan is determined to elevate the brand to the same level of success, if not higher, as his predecessor.

Sheridan will succeed Jim Weber as the new CEO of Brooks, taking over from Weber who has served as CEO for over 20 years. Despite holding a solid position as CEO, Weber had been slowed down in his duties in recent years, following an untimely esophageal cancer diagnosis that hurt his ability to run and be active. Weber's impact at Brooks is nothing less than extraordinary, as he brought the company out of mediocrity, secured the position as a lone subsidiary of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 2011, and helped raise the brand to the multi-billion dollar powerhouse it is now.

Starting his career at Brooks way back in 1998, Dan Sheridan boasts a long lineage with Brooks as he's moved up the ranks. Beginning his career as field representative to chief operating officer in 2019 and president in 2022. As Sheridan takes over the CEO role from Jim Weber, in his place as Brooks' COO and president will be Matt Dodge, who holds the company's vice president and managing director roles at the moment.

Building off what Weber accomplished for Brooks as CEO, Sheridan aims to be a worthy bearer of the passed-along torch by staying true to established principles and elevating the brand's global reach.

Sheridan says his goals as CEO include targeting the fitness and gym footwear demographic, expanding the Chinese and European markets, and a heightened focus on apparel offerings. Despite many direct competitors including HOKA and On Running, Sheridan claims to be unfazed by their presence as he said "I worry more about what we can control, which is the execution of our strategy."