What Shoe Size is Travis Kelce?

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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Travis Kelce has a pair of sneakers fit for just about any occasion. The Kansas City Chiefs' star tight end has cemented himself in the NFL as a sneakerhead. He even wore a pair of Nike dunks to the White House in June and has admitted to having hundreds of pairs of shoes. So, what size are those shoes, exactly? We have the answer

What size sneaker does Travis Kelce wear? 

Travis Kelce is known for his athletic prowess and his unparalleled ability to pull down a catch and muscle his way to extra yards. His size has helped him power into more than one touchdown. At 6'5 and 260lbs, Kelce is a presence, but his feet also help propel him forward. He does it all on the football field wearing size 14 or size 15 shoes, depending on the brand and fit. 

Kansas City Chiefs v Minnesota Vikings
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While a size 15 is a pretty big shoe size, Kelce isn't the NFL player with the biggest feet. In fact, several players are wearing bigger sizes. According to NBC Sports, Jordan Mailata of the Philadelphia Eagles wears a size 18 shoe. San Francisco 49ers tackle Matt Pryor also wears a size 18. 

How many pairs of shoes does Travis Kelce have?

In April, long before his potential romance with Taylor Swift put Kelce on the map for Swifties, he went shoe shopping with Cool Kicks. During his time perusing the shelves, Kelce made a big admission. He revealed he has somewhere between 300 and 400 pairs of sneakers. His collection grew by a few pairs that day. 

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During his shopping spree, Kelce picked up a pair of Tiffany Air Force 1 sneakers. He passed on a pair of Jordan 1 Lost and Founds since he already owned the coveted sneaker. While he already owned the Lost and Founds, he did pick up the 2021 Jordan 1 A Ma Maniére release and the 30th anniversary Desert Moss Jordan 4 Retros. The A Ma Maniere, which sports a sail and burgundy crush colorway, dropped in December 2021. They are renowned for their high-quality materials. The Desert Moss Jordan 4s were released in June 2021 and were a hot ticket at the time. Their aftermarket price is nothing to sneeze at, either. 

Kelce's collection is sure to grow. The tight ends football career isn't slowing down. His romantic life appears to be on the upswing, too. We imagine his sneaker collection is growing, as well.