Vans’ new sneaker with COMME des GARÇONS is actually pour les femme

COMME des GARÇONS is returning to the shoe game and this time catering to a specific audience.

Street Style Day Two - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2022-2023
Street Style Day Two - Paris Fashion Week - Menswear F/W 2022-2023 / Edward Berthelot/GettyImages

COMME des GARÇONS, also known as CDG, is stepping back into the collaboration field with a brand new sneaker but this time focused on a specific group. The brand is set to release a Vans collaboration which will be strictly focused on women with the new shoe released under the COMME des GARÇONS GIRL label.

While both are under the CDG banner, the COMME des GARÇONS GIRL portion takes a slightly different approach, taking away the loud branding of the mainline COMME des GARÇONS fashion and putting it at a more affordable pricing with a little more of a subtle design hit.

The COMME des GARÇONS GIRL line takes an approach making the main focus feminine pieces like dresses and flower-shaped handbags. The Vans collaboration, set to release in the Spring 2024 season, will feature a red polka dot design covering the white vintage Vans sneaker design keeping up the style choices that have followed the brand and its already-released designs. The COMME des GARÇONS brand has used the polka dot design in their pieces tracing back to the beginning days of the brand, so it is nice to see them rehash a classic style for a new collab here in 2024.

This is not the first time CDG has been a part of a huge sneaker collaboration.

COMME des GARÇONS made a splash with their previous collab in the footwear market with Converse, a shoe that was released in both high and low Classic Chuck models, multiple colorways, and can be seen all the time as you stroll through a college campus or your local mall. The design instantly became a unisex hit, keeping the vintage design of Chuck Taylor's just adding the heart with eyes logo that COMME des GARÇONS has become synonymous with and instantly noticeable.

Fans are eager to see what collaboration happens next for the brand, and if this design blows up, COMME des GARÇONS, along with Vans, might have another standout model on their hands.