The upcoming Nike Cortez “Court Purple” is giving Gutsy-vibes

The timeless Nike Cortez model returns with a Summer ‘24 colorway that evokes big Olivia Rodrigo-vibes.
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour Kick Off - Palm Desert
Olivia Rodrigo GUTS World Tour Kick Off - Palm Desert / Kevin Mazur/GettyImages

The Nike Cortez is an iconic piece in the sneaker game. The inspiration behind the name "Cortez" is drawn from Hernán Cortés, a well-known Spanish explorer who famously defeated the Aztecs. This historical figure serves as a fitting namesake for a seemingly ageless sneaker that has continued to stay relevant throughout the years.

The Cortez first became available on the market back in 1972, where it served as a trailblazer in the innovation of manufacturing methods such as a durable waffle sole. The shoe also played a significant role in promoting the minimalist running craze of the time. Masterminding the Cortez silhouette was Nike’s co-founder Bill Bowerman, who was inspired to create a lightweight trainer wherein runners could support their long-distance runs, such as track and field athletes. 

After the sneaker was on showcase during the '72 Summer Olympics, people began to take notice of the Cortez silhouette, where it slowly secured a lasting spot in Nike’s roster of popular casual wear models. The most recognizable Cortez is arguably the varsity red, varsity blue and metallic silver model - a colorway christened the “Forrest Gump” after its appearance in the 1994 classic.

But fast forward to 2024, and an upcoming Summer-lineup Cortez colorway is evoking serious vibes with one of music’s hottest stars going today. 

The Cortez in “Court Purple” is not the first time Nike has experimented with the colorway. The “Court Purple” look has been adapted to Air Jordan 1 models including the High and Low varieties, as well as the Nike Dunk Low style. Given its darker shade of purple, the color could give off a Baltimore Ravens, Toronto Raptors, and heck, even a Barney-like vibe to them. But, this particular color has been largely associated with one of pop music’s most trendy acts - Olivia Rodrigo. 

The upcoming Nike Cortez "Court Purple" effortlessly blends vintage aesthetic with a modern twist of pop music chic.

Without a doubt, purple is Olivia Rodrigo’s trademark color, whether it’s lilac, lavender, violet, etc. For her SOUR-era, she leaned toward a lighter shade of purple, more a lilac of lavender vibe. But these Cortez's are just screaming GUTS-era Olivia Rodrigo vibes. 

Purple can sometimes be a hard color to put together, outfit-wise. It can stick out pretty vividly if you don’t know how to make everything come together cohesively. Yet, a timeless style like the Nike Cortez should be no issue to style. It's such a retro look that you can opt to dress it up or down as you please.

The Cortez isn't really a shoe associated with Olivia Rodrigo, nor has she ever been seen publically rocking a pair, although you can't help but think of her signature flair in this "Court Purple" design. Not an everyday piece for the wardrobe per se, but the right shade of purple to showcase if you're feeling gutsy.

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