The Toy Story x Crocs collab might elevate your shoe game to “infinity and beyond”

What better way to show your love for the Toy Story franchise than by wearing their two iconic characters on your feet?

Toy Story 4 Carnival in Hong Kong
Toy Story 4 Carnival in Hong Kong / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Crocs is stepping up their game once again with a nostalgic nod to arguably one of Disney/Pixar's greatest movie franchises ever, Toy Story. Their two male protagonists, Buzz Lightyear and Woody have been transformed to wearable designs for your feet in Crocs' scheduled release for February 21. You can be one of Andy's toys too as his name is written across the inside of each of their Crocs, which is a charming acknowledgment of the movie.

The Buzz Lightyear model takes inspiration from his famous white, green, and purple space suit, with printed-on emblems of his 'Space Ranger' moniker and laser button prompt. The Buzz model also includes four unique Croc Jibbitz to his character, with one reading his famous catchphrase "To Infinity and Beyond!", his deployable glider, the box in which his toy is packaged, and one of his logo.

The Woody model takes inspiration from his cowboy outfit, with his cow-print vest front and center, his red scarf above it, and his cowboy hat being the Croc sport mode loop. There are also unique Woody-inspired Croc Jibbitz including his cowboy hat, belt buckle, sheriff badge, and Woody name logo.

Who would've thought you could wear beloved Toy Story characters, Woody and Buzz Lightyear on your feet?

Crocs is no stranger to churning out collaborations paying homage to Disney projects. Their Lightning McQueen Crocs that came out back in 2022 was a smash hit and took social media platforms like TikTok by storm.

Crocs does a great job of putting special touches to each pop-culture and entertainment collab model, as their Lightning McQueen edition has an LED element that would illuminate when you step, just like the real Lightning McQueen's headlights would. It's certainly fun to see some of your favorite childhood characters and franchises being honored with wearable shoe designs, and Crocs is certainly the platform to showcase such childlike nostalgia.

When the allure of a 'shoe game' is always centered on 'drip' or looking 'cool', sometimes an amusing release such as this Toy Story x Crocs or a Lightning McQueen collab is all you need to put a smile on a child or adults face. Heck, to some folks these designs are the epitome of looking cool! The only question that remains is who or what famous franchise will Crocs honor next? Maybe some Jessie or Bo-Peep models for the girls to enjoy too? Only Crocs knows.