The top Adidas Yeezy models to wear this Summer

Many YZY models have been discounted, and with so many options to choose from, the style possibilities are endless for the summer season.
In this photo illustration an Adidas label is seen.  Adidas
In this photo illustration an Adidas label is seen. Adidas / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Discounted Yeezy models aside, the amount of Yeezy's that have been added to the Adidas website has been large, to say the least. With a "rebrand" of sorts on the horizon for the brand with the Three Stripes, stepping away from Yeezy has been a highlight of Adidas that sneakerheads and frequent customers of Yeezy and Adidas over the years have had to keep an eye on. With the recent surge in accessibility, many who previously missed out on Yeezy shoes due to their rapid sell-outs or exclusive releases are now eager to get their hands on a pair. As a result, the demand has increased, making it an exciting time for fashion enthusiasts to snag their dream shoes. With these models being updated often, it could be a great time to grab a pair for the warm summer months, if you need some heat in the rotation.

YZY 700 V3- $300

The Yeezy 700 model has undergone a couple variations throughout their tenure and time being launched at Adidas. Starting with a slim, yet bulky at the same time typical dad shoe look, with the 700 V1 model, it kinda launched that type of look of she back into the mainstream for a younger audience and consumer. No longer was the dad shoe an aesthetic that was seen exclusive to 50+ year olds and embarrassing to wear. This shoe was an innovative look that allowed a design that was foreign to the modern wearer. The 700 V3 however, pushed the barrier and added a futuristic style that is slimmer and more modern.

YZY QNTM- $125

As one of the discounted items, you would think there would only be models that did not sell well or were hard to style, but the QNTM offers some variety. Originally debuting as a basketball sneaker during NBA All-Star Weekend 2020, the unique model brought a high-top design to the Yeezy brand, something not often seen at the time. With the knit mid-upper and then the structured high top, the regular version of the shoe features a design that can be worn any time of year, the colors available are what the game changers are here. With the "HIGH RES CORAL" design available, this makes a perfect summer shoe offering a yellow, blue, and orange tint to the sneaker and giving versatility for a great summertime shoe.

YZY 380 - $115

Another discounted model, but great wear for the summer offering bright hues and loud tints to the base of a comfortable shoe. A very underrated model as it features the full boost sole but is often combined with a solid base color and a streak of brightness to hit the center. A colorway such as the "Yecoraite Rf" comes to mind featuring a cream white base with a streaking highlight of dark orange across the middle and a coral hit on the sole.

Honorable Mention- YZY Slide

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