Take a look at the new Dr. Martens x Supreme shoes that can change colors

A staple shoe in the Doc Martens lineup has been given a unique update in collaboration with Supreme, revealing hidden colors as you wear the shoes.
Dr. Martens Shop Exterior, London
Dr. Martens Shop Exterior, London / Peter Dazeley/GettyImages

In a unique concept developed between a collaborative effort by Dr. Martens and Supreme, the vintage 1461 model has been revamped with the ability to change in color as they're worn over time.

Dr. Martens and Supreme have found a new way to feature an eye-catching detail to their newest collaboration.

The collaboration features two renditions of the timeless 3-eye shoe made with Arcadia and Rub Off leathers for a gently distressed appearance. As one continues to use the shoes, concealed hues will gradually reveal themselves. For the red version of the Doc Marten x Supreme 1461, a mixture of green and blue tones will be unveiled, while the black variation will showcase hints of a shiny silver tone.

As is the case with typical 1461s, it will include solid black laces for the three eyelets, although there will be a set of neutral laces included with the red edition. Each insole is of a taupe tone, with imprints of both the Dr. Martens logo and Supreme logo to highlight their collaboration. The collaborative shoes include the same iconic stitching style in line with other Dr. Martens models. However, to clarify Supreme's involvement in the project, there is a Supreme logo branded just above the chunky heel of the shoes.

Despite coming together to create this exclusive set of shoes, it is not the first time the European powerhouse of boots and chunky shoes has come together with the popular New York City-based lifestyle brand. Dr. Martens and Supreme had their first collection for the Fall/Winter 2015 season, where they released a 4-Eye shoe and 6-Eye boot, albeit without any prominent Supreme logos to specify the collaborative effort. They would go on to join forces again over the years, with popular collections released in 2017, a spider-web featured 3-eye shoe in 2022, and metallic Ramsey Creepers in 2023.

The 2024 Dr. Martens x Supreme collection is set to hit the market tomorrow in the US and Europe, but those in Asia will have to wait a few more days to get their hands on a pair, as its scheduled for a March 24 release.