Spider-Man fans rejoice as PUMA Suede "Miles Morales" arrives this June

The beloved superhero donning black and red will have a special-edition PUMA sneaker modeled after his threads.
New York Comic Con 2019 - Day 2
New York Comic Con 2019 - Day 2 / Dia Dipasupil/GettyImages

The Spider-Man character is definitely up there when it comes to iconic superheroes. There have been many iterations of Spider-Man, whether it's in the comics, television, video games, or big-budget feature films. In recent years, the Miles Morales version of Spider-Man has seen a very significant cult following. Making his debut in comic form back in 2011, Miles Morales soon saw an adaptation on the big screen, with the Spider-Verse films that began in 2018. These Spider-Verse films proved the web-slinging hero had a market in the animated niche, racking in well over a billion dollars at the box office thus far, with the third film expected to be another smash hit.

And now, the Miles Morales motif has made its way to the world of sneakers again, this time it's in the form of a PUMA Suede Classic sneaker. The Miles Morales character is synonymous with the sneakerhead community as it is a major element of his identity, rocking the iconic Air Jordan 1 silhouette, which also earned the teenage hero a colorway in his honor ("Origin Story"). The PUMA Suede "Miles Morales" isn't as extravagant, but it's still a fitting tribute to the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.

The silhouette sticks to a pretty straightforward scheme, with a majority black suede upper material, a white PUMA signature streak across with hints of red stitching (in line with the Spider-Man theme), and chunky Y2K-esque red laces to round it out. On the tongue tab is a Marvel x PUMA logo, while on the heel tab is a Spider-Man logo with red webs in the background. The sole of the sneaker is entirely white, making the shoe fairly simple to style for any die-hard Spider-Man enthusiasts.

The PUMA Suede "Miles Morales" is a classic and simple, yet fitting nod to the teenage web-slinging hero.

Fans can look forward to the scheduled release date of June 22nd when these PUMA Suede "Miles Morales" shoes are set to drop at Foot Locker at a starting retail price tag of $90. Both Marvel fans and sneaker enthusiasts alike will be captivated by the allure of these PUMA sneakers, making them a must-have for anyone who loves the intersection of comic book culture and stylish footwear. Don't miss your chance to get a pair of these limited-edition kicks!

As for Miles Morales' next chapter on the big screen, the third film Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse was stalled following last year's SAG-AFTRA strike. It was anticipated that a Spring 2024 release was in the books, however, Sony pulled the film from its scheduled calendar in July 2023. Now, fans will have to be patient as there has yet to be any further information regarding a release date for the highly-anticipated trilogy film. What we do know is that Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is expected to be released in two parts, which means Miles Morales fans will have twice the excitement to look forward to with two films.