Seattle Storm guard Nika Muhl is one of the WNBA's savvy style fashionistas

Rookie Nika Muhl can seemingly pull off any outfit, as she quickly becomes one of the WNBA's best-dressed athletes going today.
Indiana Fever v Seattle Storm
Indiana Fever v Seattle Storm / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

First off, I think it needs to be put out there, but Nika Muhl deserves a lot better as a member of the Seattle Storm. Despite what the title tells you, Nika Muhl is far from receiving the opportunity to showcase her worth on the court, merely averaging a disappointing 2.1 minutes per game and not recording a single point thus far in the season. As a celebrated product of the UCONN Huskies women's basketball program, Muhl cemented herself as a two-time Big East Defensive Player of the Year and became UConn's all-time career assist record holder.

Yet in the WNBA, her on-court play is virtually non-existent as she largely plays in garbage time for her Seattle Storm team. These on-court issues aside, it's worth noting Nika Muhl's flair and elegance off the court, as she's quickly cemented herself as one of the league's finest in regards to fashion. It has helped keep her name in the public eye, given the team's decision to not work Muhl into their offense. The 23-year-old Croatian native is a savant when it comes to pulling off merging fashion styles, no more evident than her 2024 WNBA Draft fit.

Her WNBA career may be off to a rocky start, but Nika Muhl still has the world talking based on her trendy fashion sense.

For the biggest event of her basketball career, Muhl opted to wear a black silk crop long-sleeve top, to go with a long black silk skirt with a slit. She matched it with a Steve Madden handbag, along with an icy Movado watch, some sunrise-colored tint sunglasses, and even a fresh grill in her teeth to round it out. Just when you thought her style made a statement, wait till you see some of her pre-game fits.

Her recent pre-game look stands out, wherein Muhl wore an all-green outfit, Y2K-esque silver metallic heels, and a matching set of futuristic-looking sunglasses. Her Instagram caption reading, "Extraterrestrial" with an alien emoji doesn't get any more fitting for this fit. She caught the camera's attention immediately with such a throwback, yet equally futuristic vibe.

It seems like Nika loves her a good pair of sunglasses, as she showed in another tunnel outfit this past month. This time around, Muhl sort of pulled off a mega-hybrid of totally different era vibes. Her sunglasses give off 90s/Y2K, the vest totally screams 80s, and her skirt is anywhere from the present era to a piece from yesteryear. It just goes to show Nika Muhl is entirely unafraid to blend different clothing items and present her finished product for the cameras to witness. Once again, her photogenic, model-like demeanor shows through.

But this look arguably takes the cake. Going back to her sunglasses repertoire, Nika's top and bottom are what makes the outfit stand out. She rocked a Team USA jersey (just in time for the upcoming Olympic season) of fellow UCONN alumni and 3x WNBA champion, Swin Cash. Muhl paired it with some dark toned jean shorts, which is a underrated summer staple for both men and women alike. To round the bold look out, she carried a big black handbag and rocked some burgundy heels as her choice of footwear.

Here's hoping Nika Muhl can remain an active member of the Seattle Storm for the foreseeable future, as she runs the risk of being waived due to her inactivity as a prominent member on the team. She definitely possesses a ton of potential as an on-court player, but if all else fails, Nika could try her hand at a modelling career.