San Francisco 49ers' tight end, George Kittle's shoe size might surprise you

George Kittle
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Basketball is the sport that most people associate with sneaker culture. After all, some of the most sought-after sneakers have come through collaborations with basketball stars. Still, there are a lot of NFL players who use their spare time and extra funds to build large sneaker collections. George Kittle, the San Francisco 49ers' star tight end, is one of those sneaker aficionados. Kittle is a bonafide sneakerhead, but do you know what shoe size he wears? The answer might surprise you. 

What shoe size does George Kittle wear? 

George Kittle might spend the NFL season in cleats, but when he's out on the town and hanging out with friends, he has a massive sneaker collection to pull from. He's been caught wearing everything from Jordans to Dunks to Blazers over the years. 

George Kittle appears before a 49ers game
George Kittle / Harry How/GettyImages

In January 2023, he pulled back the curtain and took fans on a walkthrough of his sneaker closet for a video featured on the 49ers website. In the video, Kittle showed off over 100 pairs of shoes safely kept in protective cases. All of the shoes featured are in a size 13. 

Is George Kittle's shoe size larger than average?

San Fransisco's star tight end is a force on the field, and his size is one reason he dominates his position so well. Kittle, at 6'4, is tall by any measure, and his shoe size is far from small. A size 10.5 is the most common shoe size for men in the United States. Kittle's shoe size is significantly larger than average but not all that large compared to other men his height. 

According to Healthline, Kittle's shoe size falls on the lower end of the average for men his height. According to the publication, men over 6'3 generally wear size 13 up to 20 shoes. Some tall men wear shoes that are even bigger in some cases. 

George Kittle
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Kittle, at 6'4, is wearing a size 13 shoe. While that is hardly a small size, it's closer to the average male shoe size than not, and that is very good news for some of his taller friends. According to NBC Sports, the star tight end has a generous spirit regarding his shoes. Instead of hoarding kicks for a massive collection, he is known for regularly culling his collection. Kittle gifts sneakers that he hasn't worn in half a year, and some of his teammates are the recipients of those sneakers.