San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr. wore Air Jordan 1 cleats with a touching homage

Tatis Jr. honored the admired, late Padres owner Peter Seidler with his set of cleats worn on March 28th.

San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks
San Diego Padres v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

Famed right fielder for the San Diego Padres, Fernando Tatis Jr. is no stranger to making a statement with his fashion sense. But he made a different kind of statement with his choice of baseball cleats worn on the field in a game against the San Francisco Giants.

The death of Padres owner Peter Seidler this past November surely affected many, as he was a figure who many spoke highly of, and clearly had the support of "El Niño". As a gesture of tribute, Tatis Jr. showcased a set of Air Jordan 1 cleats with many direct and subtle nods to Seidler's impact on his career and motivation.

Peter Seidler may no longer be with the team, but Fernando Tatis Jr. has not forgotten him and decided to pay a heartfelt salute to his memory.

Not only is a caricature of Seidler present on both the lateral and medial portions of the shoe, but his well-known quote of belief in Tatis Jr., "I BELIEVE IN HIM", can be seen written across the top half of the heel. Also present throughout the cleats are the San Diego Padres' trademark logo, palm trees, and even Seidler's signature. In addition, the detachable leather tag reads "R.I.P Peter" and a "#2/50" label. This particular marking refers to these Seidler-tribute cleats being the second of 50 custom cleats as part of a collaborative effort between Fernando Tatis Jr., The Shoe Surgeon, and athlete marketing platform Xample.

Although Tatis Jr. has been known to favor Jordan Brand baseball cleats in past years, he is not officially linked with a particular sneaker brand. This means the collaborative project to produce 50 unique custom cleats for the Padres star is not relegated to simply modifying a Jordan-branded cleat. In turn, this adds a bit more mystique to the direction and finished products of Tatis Jr.'s upcoming cleat reveals.

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