Ranking Detroit Lions star Aidan Hutchinson's drip game

Does Aidan Hutchinson have drip? Check out some of our favorite outfits from the popular Detroit Lions Pro Bowler.
Aidan Hutchinson at 2024 NFL Draft
Aidan Hutchinson at 2024 NFL Draft / Gregory Shamus/GettyImages

If you were watching the 2024 NFL draft and are into fashion (like me), you might have been impressed by the swag he brought with his black and gold blazer (pictured above). Another thing that caught my eye was the "Breathe in God" shirt. I thought this was interesting, and it led me to dig deep into the drip game of Aidan Hutchinson. Here's what I found:

First off, I learned that "Breathe in God" is from his House of Hutch clothing line. I think it looks dope as the base for many of his outfits, but what's even cooler is the mission behind it. The House of Hutch is Aidan's nonprofit; what he does with it is truly amazing. This nonprofit is about spreading positivity and faith while helping others. The Hutchinson family does not just spread this in message but also action. They make routine visits at the local Mott Children's Hospital to help kids with life-threatening illnesses. It's inspiring stuff I recommend checking out.

Now let's check out some of Aidan Hutchinson's top outfits!

1. Beige Suit with White Nike Air Force 1s

I like this fit a lot. White Air Force One's are classic and go great with a suit, especially this beige one. A simple white tee and gold chain to accessorize... clean! It looks like he had Adonis Jennings help him out with this fit which I thought was cool to see.

2. Grey Herringbone Suit with Air Jordan 11s

Next up on the list is this grey suit from State & Liberty paired up with what I believe are the Vast Grey/Silver Air Jordan 11s. This fit is crispy and shows he's locked in ready to take care of business on and off the field. I love it.

3. Black on Black with White Jordan 11 "Concords"

Here we have what appears to be the Jordan 11 Concord sneakers paired up with a long black coat, slim-fitting black pants, and of course a t-shirt from his House of Hutch line. This fit's as cold as a Detroit winter.

Overall, I think it's safe to say Aidan Hutchinson is in fact drippy. He has a modern, trendy style and keeps everything clean and crisp, especially with his shoe selections. And don't forget he's out here spreading tons of good energy and helping others with his non-profit House of Hutch. I have so much respect for everything Hutch and his family are doing. Absolutely love it. I will be following his journey throughout the NFL and beyond.

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