Only One NBA Player Has an Active Sneaker Deal With Under Armour

Steph Curry
Steph Curry / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Nike is probably the first brand to come to mind when you think of basketball brands. Nike and Jordans are worn by more NBA players than any other brand. The companies also have the most sponsored players with signature shoes. Adidas comes in third, and then, far down the list, there is Under Armour. The sportswear company only has one NBA player with a signature shoe line, but it's a big name. Steph Curry is the only NBA star with a signature Under Armour sneaker. 

Steph Curry has the only signature Under Armour sneaker in the NBA 

Steph Curry signed with Under Armour in 2013. The company wooed the point guard and has worked with him since then to craft sneakers and apparel that he loves. Curry is also incredibly committed to making things work with Under Armour and has control over the company's Curry line. 

Stephen Curry wearing his signature shoes in a Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings game
Steph Curry / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

According to The Athletic, Curry is on track for a lifetime sneaker deal with the Baltimore-based sporting company. The publication revealed that Curry signed an agreement that guaranteed him $75 million in stock, along with other compensation, in April. 

Surely, Under Armour will look to add more athletes to its roster in time. In fact, that is already underway. While Curry is the only NBA star with a signature shoe through Under Armour, the company has several sponsored players. A signature shoe might not be far behind for some of them. 

Nike botched their pitch to Steph Curry 

While Steph Curry is signed with Under Armour and completely committed to the brand, things could have gone differently. Like many of his peers, Curry could have signed a deal with Nike. A clumsy pitch led the star to Under Armour. 

A Nike logo is seen on a basketball
Nike logo / G Fiume/GettyImages

According to Sole Retriever, Curry entertained Nike before ultimately deciding to go with Under Armour and was met with a poorly prepared pitch. The publication claims Curry's name was mispronounced and pitch materials from another athlete were recycled to court Curry. The mismanaged courtship process left the point guard unimpressed and looking for a different sponsorship experience. He found it. 

Not only did Curry commit to Under Armour initially, but he became the face of the company. Instead of being one of many star athletes on the company's roster, Under Armour invested in him, specifically, and it seems to be working out for both Curry and Under Armour. The company's profits continue to increase, and Curry's line remains popular.