The future of WWE is looking fashionable: NXT star Sol Ruca wears Vans to the mat

The 24-year-old Californian opts for high-top Vans Old Skool skate shoes in the NXT ring.
WWE Live - Tryout
WWE Live - Tryout / Marc Pfitzenreuter/GettyImages

The WWE is always looking for their next top star, whether male or female. As a multi-billion dollar entity with a storied history, the next generation of WWE Superstars depends on the company’s keen talent scouts and state-of-the-art developmental programs. In recent years, the WWE has completely shifted its attention from poaching independent talents to an emphasis on recruiting NIL (Next In Line) athletes from the collegiate scene. These said athletes enter the professional wrestling industry with no prior experience or training, aside from their previous collegiate or longtime sport of expertise. 

One such athlete that has taken to the WWE system like a complete natural is ex-acrobatics and tumbling specialist, Calyx Hampton, otherwise now known by her WWE moniker of Sol Ruca. In just two years with the company, Sol Ruca is already one of NXT’s (WWE’s developmental brand) impressive talents for her insane high-flying and daredevil-esque style. To say her previous background has come in handy for the ring would not do Sol Ruca justice. She has many of the natural traits of a professional wrestler down to a tee, making one think she’s been doing it for years.

Aside from her eye-catching ability in the ring, another key element of Sol Ruca’s in-ring game is her choice of sneakers - classic black and white Vans Old Skool High-Tops. The timeless look is aniconic staple in the skateboarding community, for its combination as a stylish design while also being a high-performance sneaker. They have been credited for being durable and providing quality grip, despite their canvas upper material. Speaking of, the canvas grants wearers creative freedom to customize their sneaker design, using any artistic expression. 

Sol Ruca, a rising WWE Superstar, reps her style in Vans Old Skool High-Top sneakers.

But using a pair of Vans Old Skools in the wrestling ring? How does that work? On the contrary to what you might think, professional wrestling and skateboarding have a little more in common than you’d think. Considering Sol Ruca’s signature style, she largely performs crazy acrobatic stunts, like coming off the top rope, apron, or springboard attacks. What does that sound like? The daredevil-like stunts in skateboarding. 

The Vans Old Skool silhouette fits Sol Ruca’s character too. Considering she models an in-ring persona based around her surfer-like, chill, good vibes-only demeanor, it’s only fitting she wears a sneaker that is largely associated with a similar community. And clearly, the Vans Old Skool High-Tops aren’t a detriment in the ring. Most recently on July 7th, Sol Ruca was involved in a marquee matchup at the NXT Heatwave PLE (Premium Live Event), where she battled fellow developmental standout Kelani Jordan for the NXT North American Championship. Unfortunately for Ruca, she came up short in this attempt to capture gold, but it’s almost inevitable that Sol becomes a champion in the WWE sooner rather than later. 

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