Nike to stop restocking popular Air Force 1 style and other classics

The White Nike Air Force 1 is a must-have in both men's and women's wardrobes, it's a smart move to grab a few pairs while you still can!

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White Air Force 1s are like the holy grail shoe to complement any outfit, whether you're a guy or a gal. Whether rocking them with jeans or perhaps going casual with sweats, the crisp white kicks are the perfect set of kicks to get the job done. Unfortunately for these White AF1 connoisseurs, you might want to get a headstart and stock up on some deadstock pairs for your rotation. During a conference call, Nike Executive Matt Friend announced that the brand will be turning back the dial on churning out routine re-stocks of these models to prioritize the release and exposure of new projects.

Nike is setting their sights on the future, and stepping back their focus on retro styles like the Dunk and AF1.

In the previous quarter's conference call, there was an acknowledgment from Nike indicating that maybe they placed too much emphasis on mass-producing retro products. The issue with this lies in an overabundance of these models, where consumers are not as hasty to purchase such common products anymore, thus resulting in Nike resorting to significant markdowns and losing revenue. With this market trend becoming a concern for Nike, they will likely step away from re-producing models such as the Dunk and Air Force 1.

The iconic White Nike Air Force 1 first hit the market as part of a pack in 1996. Nearly three decades later, the White AF1 still stands as one of the most basic, relatively affordable sneakers out there. However, during a wild time in the world that was the COVID-19 pandemic, the easily accessible nature of White AF1s became quite limited and scarce. In a bit of a slimy scheme to concentrate the market, some resellers were cleaning out hoards of White AF1 stock and slightly increasing the resale value on each pair to turn in a larger collective profit.

This strategy initially worked well, allowing resellers to gain an advantage in the market. However, Nike eventually regained control by restocking shelves in large quantities, resulting in an oversupply of White AF1s. The same situation occurred with the highly sought-after Nike "Panda" Dunk Lows. Once a profitable item for resellers, the increased production by Nike led to a saturation of the market, making it difficult to sell as consumer interest waned.

Nike is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of future innovations rather than solely focusing on reviving their popular 'retro' styles. A prime illustration of this commitment is the forthcoming release of the Nike Air Max Dn, the latest addition to the Air Max line, scheduled to debut on March 26 - 2024 Air Max Day.

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