Nike is entering the breakdancing world for Paris 2024 with upcoming Nike Jam release

Breakdancing is set to debut at the 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris, and Nike is ramping up their game to bring the first sneaker of its kind on the market.
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Nike To Layoff 2 Percent Of Workforce, About 1,700 Positions / Mario Tama/GettyImages

The world eagerly awaits the 2024 Summer Olympics, just months away from commencing in Paris, France. The 16-day event promises to be another unforgettable spectacle as always. Millions around the world will be tuning in to watch their country's top athletes compete in various events. For the first time in Olympic history, a new spectacle will be added to the lineup: breaking, also known as breakdancing.

Skateboarding, sport climbing, and surfing are three other competitions joining the dancesport as part of a new lineup of four Olympic events. The breaking competition will feature a unique format, with 32 breakdancers from around the world facing off in single battles, showcasing their skills and creativity in a high-energy display of athleticism, artistry, and pageantry.

In preparation for the breaking debut at Paris 2024, world-renowned sportswear and sneaker brand Nike is gearing up to introduce its first-ever breakdancing-oriented shoe — the Nike Jam model. The Jam was first unveiled to the public in April at Nike's "On AIR" pre-Olympics showcase in Paris, along with other innovative silhouettes, such as the brand's attempts to jump into the artificial intelligence market with their Nike "A.I.R" vision.

Two initial colorways are set to kick off the first wave of Nike Jam selections, the "Dark Driftwood/Black-Hemp-Sail" and “Black/Metallic Silver-Gum Light Brown-Gum Medium Brown”. The silhouettes don't scream breakdancing shoes, if anything, they give off a very retro Y2K vibe suitable for any casual setting.

Nike is looking for a big break in the world of breakdancing with their new Jam model.

That aesthetic aside, the Nike Jam still looks like it serves its breakdancing purpose, with a comfy, bouncy-looking, sole. Be that as it may, it still looks firm enough to provide a decent amount of support for any wearer, especially in the breaking world where movements are quick, lateral, vertical, and everything in between. The trademark Nike swoosh logo takes center stage on the shoe's midsole, its unique design creating a striking visual focal point that draws attention to the brand's signature.

Nike's latest venture was born from a deep understanding of the breakdancing community. The company's research team embarked on a seven-year journey to grasp the unique culture and nuances of this dynamic sport. After gathering insights, Nike's designers set to work in their state-of-the-art Sports Research Lab, where they collaborated with top breakdancing talent, including Sunny Choi, a renowned B-girl. In 2020, the brand's experts worked closely with these athletes to develop a product that truly understood the needs and demands of breaking.

Choi spoke with in an article detailing the lengthy process to bring Nike's breakdancing sneaker creation to the limelight, where she said:

"I know people who literally spin on the side of their shoe with their other foot on top... I don’t have the ankle mobility to do that! But that is wild. That is breaking. And that’s probably what makes designing these shoes so challenging. Everyone uses them differently."

Sunny Choi via Fast Company

While exact pricing details have yet to be announced, sneaker and breaking enthusiasts can start looking forward to an expected summer release when these highly-anticipated kicks are expected to hit shelves nationwide following the conclusion of the Paris 2024 festivities.