The long-awaited Nike Ja 1 "Reverse Scratch" sees its first general release

July 1st marks the arrival of the Nike Ja 1 "Reverse Scratch" colorway.
Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Three
Memphis Grizzlies v Los Angeles Lakers - Game Three / Harry How/GettyImages

Basketball fans cannot wait to see the return of explosive, talented young guard Ja Morant of the Memphis Grizzlies. Last season, off-court issues and injuries plagued Morant from having a successful campaign, which largely resulted in his Grizzlies team finishing amongst the bottom of the NBA's Western Conference. But it goes without saying, Ja Morant is still of the NBA's brightest stars, and his signature sneaker line with Nike goes to show that sentiment.

In fact, a once PE (Player-exclusive) color variant in the Nike Ja 1 sneaker line is set to drop on July 1st for the masses to enjoy. The "Reverse Scratch" colorway is indicative of Morant's Grizzlies team motif, with prominent bear-like scratches present across the sneaker. It features a predominantly white upper constructed from a harmonious blend of supple leather and lightweight mesh. The leather components, including the mudguard and forefoot overlay, provide a clean canvas for the contrasting accents to take center stage. The mesh base not only brings breathability and flexibility to the design but also serves as a perfect foil to the crisp, unblemished white hue - which elevates the overall aesthetic to a new level.

The Nike Ja 1 "Reverse Scratch" colorway is the quintessential basketball shoe for any die-hard Grizzlies fan.

The brown tongue tag of the sneaker creates a sophisticated contrast, grounding the overall design in earthy tones. Meanwhile, the vibrant red ripstop overlay on the heel injects a bold splash of color, drawing the eye to this stylish accent. The real showstopper, however, is the innovative midsole design. Here, a striking blue and white combination provides a dynamic contrast that adds depth and visual interest to the sneaker, which pays fitting homage to the threads of their vintage Grizzlies aesthetic.

Mike Bibby #10...
Mike Bibby #10... / Doug Pensinger/GettyImages

In every iteration of the Nike Ja 1, the technical specifications remain consistent, ensuring a harmonious blend of performance and comfort. At the core of this shoe's design is a plush midsole that has been augmented with a forefoot Zoom Air unit. This innovative feature enables exceptional responsiveness and vertical acceleration, allowing athletes to push their limits with confidence. Additionally, the containment system and forefoot strap work in tandem to provide a secure and stable fit, cradling the ankle and heel with precision. By seamlessly integrating these components, the Nike Ja 1 delivers a truly exceptional wearing experience that is both durable and adaptable.

The Nike Ja 1 "Reverse Scratch" design is available in men's sizes. This creatively innovative basketball shoe can be purchased online at Nike's official website and select retailers for a starting retail price tag of $130.