Nike gifts Apple CEO Tim Cook the first-ever pair of custom-made iPad Air Max's

Announcing the latest in Apple's iPad category, CEO Tim Cook donned an exclusive pair of Nike shoes made using their technology.
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Apple has long been and continues to be a dominant force in the tech industry. With new innovations releasing on a seasonal basis, Apple draws in a worldwide market who are captivated by their products and technological advancements. Apple CEO Tim Cook is at the helm of the company's operations, taking over from the legendary Steve Jobs who passed away in 2011. Announcing the brand's latest additions to their iPad lineup, Cook was sporting a unique pair of sneakers specially made for him by Nike, a longstanding giant in their own industry.

Nike utilized Apple's technology to produce a one-of-a-kind set of Air Max sneakers.

This custom pair of Nike sneakers took the form of an Air Max '86 silhouette, to which the colorway was labeled "Made on iPad". Created for the first time using the newest add-on tool for the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil Pro, the Air Max '86 "Made on iPad" is a subtle look that embodies the brand's minimalistic identity, while still standing out as a statement piece.

An almost off-white hue dominates the sneaker's upper material, with speckled rainbow dots plastered across the overlays and rainbow scribbles drawn around the embroidered white signature Nike swoosh logo. The rainbow look was once Apple's signature color scheme with their logo and brand identity, although it was later dropped in 1999 for a more simple appearance. It comes as no surprise that the Air Max '86 "Made on iPad" makes a throwback reference to Apple's early roots with the rainbow touches.

On the sneaker's tongue tab, a retro Nike logo can be seen with the words "made on iPad" below it in a calligraphic manner. Completing the rest of the shoe is its white midsole and present Nike "Air" bubble technology, while a gum sole completes the silhouette.

This exclusive 1-of-1 pair of sneakers marked the first joint venture for Apple and Nike to produce a shoe, but it isn't their first rodeo working alongside each other. Apple and Nike have dabbled with several examples of collaborative marketing, including a 2006 Nike+iPod project and their Apple Watch Nike+ offerings.

As for an Apple-affiliated sneaker, one other set of kicks precedes the custom Air Max '86s, the Omega Sports Apple Computer sneaker. These shoes were a one-time giveaway for Apple employees during the '90s and given their rarity, getting your hands on one of these limited-edition bad boys won't run you cheap. In fact, a single listing on Sotheby's fine arts company platform has a pair of 10.5s for a whopping 50,000 USD.

Like the Omega Sports Apple Computer sneaker that came before it, the Air Max '86 "Made on iPad" is another 1-of-1 piece that will likely never see a general public release as they were made exclusively for Tim Cook to wear during the May 7 Apple event.

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