Nike Air Max Day celebrations come to life in Fortnite video game

There's a new Nike-affiliated map, featured skins, and set of objectives on Fortnite for players to enjoy.

In this photo illustration the Fortnite logo is seen on a...
In this photo illustration the Fortnite logo is seen on a... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

March 26, 2024, marked the annual Nike tradition of Air Max Day, which also happened to be the brand’s tenth anniversary celebrating the occasion. To commemorate the 2024 edition of Air Max Day, Nike released a brand new sneaker in the line, the Air Max Dn

It wasn’t just Nike who observed Air Max Day as the popular online video game Fortnite introduced an Airphoria Vol. 2 map based on Nike’s Dynamic Air technology present in the newly-released Air Max Dn. 

This isn't the first time Fortnite and Nike have worked together in a collaborative effort.

This map features a storyline wherein the player must complete objectives to save a character named Max and the world of Airphoria. This "Airphoria" concept was originally introduced to Fortnite users in June 2023, to which the game labeled it "The Ultimate Nike Sneakerhunt". Now in its second volume, connoisseurs of Fortnite and Nike sneakers can experience the brand's sneaker technological innovations through a virtual, interactive medium.

Players can take the role of Eclipse and Airphorian, two new skins draped in Nike apparel and the new Nike Air Max Dn shoe. Eclipse is a feminine figure with clear features, adorned with neon highlights and a wardrobe consisting primarily of black or white items. Meanwhile, Airphorian is a versatile character with a malleable form and various fashion choices, as you can select both the Air Max 95 and Air Max Plus Drift for footwear.

The skins can be purchased on their own for a cost of 1,500 V-Bucks. Or, you can buy the two skins together as part of a bundle that includes a battle axe, an emote called "Fresh Out the Box", a Nike character back bling, and special edition loading screen graphic.

You can get it on all the Fortnite x Nike Air Max fun until April 2, when the skins and playable maps will be phased out of the game. This set could return some time in the future, but its better to strike while the iron is still hot.