Mike Tyson is training for his fight with Jake Paul in New Balance shoes

The 57-year-old boxing legend is preparing for his opponent, who is thirty years his junior, in a pair of New Balance ‘dad shoes’.

In The News: Jake Paul To Fight Mike Tyson In Boxing Exhibition
In The News: Jake Paul To Fight Mike Tyson In Boxing Exhibition / Getty Images/GettyImages

Mike Tyson is one of boxing’s most iconic figures. An absolute force in his prime, Tyson’s biggest adversaries include Frank Bruno, “Razor” Ruddock, Lennox Lewis, and his infamous rivalry with Evander Holyfield. Now approaching his sixties, “Iron Mike” is set to make his professional boxing return in what could only be described as a freak show matchup. Tyson will meet social media star, Jake Paul, on July 20 in a massive event at AT&T Stadium, in the first-ever live sports broadcast to be streamed on Netflix.

Tyson is up there with the boxing GOATs, but his decision to take this fight could arguably tarnish his legacy. Be that as it may, the fight certainly screams cash-grab opportunities galore for all the parties involved, and its integrity to the sport of boxing is highly questionable. Nevertheless, both Paul and Tyson take this fight very seriously, as they ramp up training camps to prepare for the Summer spectacle. 

In his recent training clips, Tyson looks like the best possible version of himself at age 57. Tyson has taken it upon himself to make it known that he is no slouch, despite being away from the sport for quite some time. Tyson has kept a pretty solid regiment in his retirement, as he is still a freak of nature for his age. Mike showed in these clips that he still has that iron willpower inside of him, and for Paul to take him lightly, he could still shut his lights out with one shot. 

But aside from surprising everyone with these crazy age-defying feats, Tyson's choice of footwear was also quite interesting, as Iron Mike had on what looked to be New Balance 608 trainers. 

Mike Tyson has embraced the New Balance 'dad shoe' look for his training regimen.

Tyson is no new devotee of New Balance either, he’s been seen rocking other NB models over the years. Pics of Iron Mike in the 80s and 90s have caught him in New Balance 995s and New Balance 1500s. The trademark New Balance ‘dad shoe’ has to be their 928 model, known for its all-leather look and Rollbar technology, and Tyson has been seen sporting these sneakers too. 

Tyson even wore his white New Balance 608v5s on an appearance for Complex Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma. Say what you want about fashion sense, but as a man reaching his sixties, Iron Mike has gone with the premier brand tailored for support. Despite his loyalty to New Balance over the years, you’d be surprised to hear that Mike Tyson never had a sponsorship deal with them.   Regardless, Tyson will likely continue training for his return in New Balance dad shoes.