Love Lies Bleeding star Kristen Stewart ditches heels for trainers on Late Night appearance

Kristen Stewart went from formal to casual with her choice of footwear.
Los Angeles Premiere of A24's "Love Lies Bleeding"
Los Angeles Premiere of A24's "Love Lies Bleeding" / Eric Charbonneau/GettyImages

The star of A24's film, Love Lies Bleeding, Kristen Stewart is in high-demand as she makes appearances to promote the release of her new project.

Stewart was photographed in the streets of New York City rocking a super 80s punk rock fit consisting of a black leather blazer, black bralette, and black mini skirt. She had some sheer garter stockings from the legs down and on-feet were a pair of black Christian Louboutin pumps.

When Stewart made her scheduled appearance on NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers, she was still wearing the same outfit as she'd been spotted in the morning, but gone were the Christian Louboutins and on were a pair of ASICS Ontisuka Tiger trainers.

Kristen Stewart has a very distinct look and style, where she likes to mix the expected glamorous look with her own rebellious touch.

During her Late Night chat with Seth Meyers, the frontrunner of Love Lies Bleeding detailed a surprising hobby of hers, which is cars. Meyers jokingly called Stewart a "museum curator" as she described her collection of cars to be "pieces of history" that she is preserving, to which the audience got a good chuckle out of.

The former Twilight star can certainly do formal, but she tends to put a little casual flair to her elegant outfits when it comes to footwear. Kristen Stewart is no stranger to wearing shoes on the runway, red carpet, at movie premieres, award ceremonies; no event is off-limit for Stewart to ditch a pair of cookie-cutter heels for a pair of comfy sneakers. In fact, there are entire lists out there dedicated to some of Stewart's best sneaker looks at high-profile red-carpet appearances.

Kristen Stewart is a rebel with a cause, who plays by her own rules. Stewart is not one to stick by the expected norms when it comes to expressing herself. But her love for casual wear sneakers will always prevail, it's certainly not the last time we see Stewart going against the book.

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