Kyrie Irving makes history by signing his father to a signature shoe deal with ANTA

Kyrie will no longer be the only Irving signed to ANTA, as he's secured a deal for his father Drederick to join the brand.
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Athletes in the sneaker game have a lot of say in their deals or how their signature sneakers will turn out. Dallas Mavericks star guard Kyrie Irving has seen a big change in business operations after parting ways with Nike for the Chinese sportswear company ANTA. Irving is not just a signature athlete signed to a brand, he has also stepped into the role of Chief Creative Officer.

As part of ANTA's expansion strategy, Kyrie will be tasked with fostering strategic alliances between the brand and influential organizations in both the sports and cultural spheres. The collective goal in mind is to amplify ANTA's visibility in the US market and establish a stronger foothold in the country.

In his inaugural move as Chief Creative Officer for ANTA, Kyrie Irving made a bold statement about the importance of family and loyalty by signing a sneaker deal partnership with his father, Drederick Irving. It is truly a groundbreaking turn of events, as for the first time, a professional athlete has used their influence to sign their father to a prominent shoe deal.

Kyrie Irving takes a family affair to the next level, partnering with his father Drederick for the ANTA KAI shoe line.

The move has garnered a mixed reaction, with the discourse ranging from a heartwarming act between father and son to allegations of reverse nepotism being at play. Knowing Kyrie Irving's character and morals, he doesn't strike as someone who cares about criticism or what the public has to say about him, so long as Kyrie knows he's doing the right thing. And for Kyrie, family seems to always be at the root of his motivations and mindset.

Drederick Irving's skills were honed at Boston University, where he made a lasting impression on the college basketball scene. Despite never setting foot on an NBA court, Drederick went on to have a notable career in professional basketball, with a stint in Australia, where the future NBA star Kyrie was born.

The unwavering connection between Kyrie Irving and his father Drederick has been a potent catalyst for his enduring impact on the world of basketball, with his affinity for footwear dating back to his debut Nike collaboration in 2014 serving as a testament to their profound influence. You can often find Drederick supporting his son courtside at high-profile games, with no bigger stage than the upcoming 2024 NBA Finals matchup between Kyrie's Dallas Mavericks and his former Boston Celtics team.

The forthcoming shoes from Drederick Irving's inaugural line raise questions about their intended focus, Questions are raised as to whether they're designed for high-performance basketball or catering to a more laid-back, everyday lifestyle, considering Drederick has stepped away professionally for quite some time now. Be that as it may, a rumored target date suggests a Fall 2024 release for the Dredrick Irving x ANTA collection, with retail availability at Foot Locker.

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