New colorway alert: Jordan Luka 3 "Vapor Green" is now available

The Jordan Luka 3 makes an early debut on the market, in a funky and vibrant color variant.
2024 NBA Finals - Game Five
2024 NBA Finals - Game Five / Elsa/GettyImages

The 2023-24 campaign came to a disappointing close for Luka Doncic and his Dallas Mavericks, as they fell short of their ultimate goal of claiming the Larry O'Brien trophy. Despite cruising through a tough Western Conference and earning a spot in the 2024 NBA Finals, the Mavericks were defeated by the Boston Celtics in five games on June 17. While it's natural to be disappointed by the outcome, it's essential to acknowledge that Dallas exceeded expectations as a whole. The team's performance was a testament to their growth and resilience throughout the season.

Dallas might not have a chip to show for the 2024 NBA Finals, but it's only going up from here on out for Luka and company.

For fans of Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks, the sting of defeat may still linger, but there's a silver lining - Luka's latest signature Jordan silhouette has dropped, and it's an early surprise that's sure to lift spirits. The Jordan Luka 3 has been shrouded in mystery since its initial announcement, with many assuming it would follow a structured rollout in various regions, starting in July. However, it appears that plans have taken an unexpected turn, with the "Vapor Green" colorway leading the way as the first model of its kind to launch.

The sudden release of the Luka 3 has fans and enthusiasts alike expressing excitement at the unexpected early arrival but also left wondering what prompted the change of heart from Jordan Brand. While some have speculated that the brand may be testing the waters for future releases, others believe it could be a deliberate move to capitalize on the growing demand for Luka's signature shoe line. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain - the surprise drop has generated a buzz that is sure to keep Luka enthusiasts on their toes as they eagerly await more information about upcoming releases.

The Jordan Luka 3 "Vapor Green" is a standout shoe that boasts a striking colorway, with the bold, eye-catching hue making its presence felt on the tongue, lining, heel, and midsole. But what truly elevates this design is the gradient effect on the forefoot panel, where subtle embossing undergoes a mesmerizing transformation from a soft jade green to a gentle pink tone. The result is a visually striking contrast that adds depth and dimension to the overall aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the distinctive IsoPlate structure on the lateral side and outsole add an extra layer of visual interest, blending purple and orange notes in dynamic cohesion. The combination of colors creates a unique and eye-catching effect to have on-lookers turn their heads. The Vapor Green colorway is a bold statement piece that will surely leave a lasting impression on the court, whether you play recreationally or professionally.

For our friends across the border in the United States, you can get a pair of the Jordan Luka 3 "Vapor Green" for $130 via the Finish Line retail channel, on their official website or select in-store locations. The shoes are available in men's sizing starting from M 7.5 to M 14, however, those two sizes happen to be the only ones sold out from the list.

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