How WWE Undisputed Champion Roman Reigns and The Bloodline revived sneaker culture in Pro Wrestling

WrestleMania XL weekend is here and there's no big-time Mania feel in the modern era without The Bloodline and its Tribal Chief.
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Following in the footsteps of wrestlers like John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and his cousin The Rock, Roman Reigns has quickly found himself as the newest top guy in pro wrestling. Reigns has taken WWE by storm since his return to the ring in the summer of 2020, following months away from the company after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Reigns debuted in the company in 2012 as a part of a three-man faction dubbed "The Shield," consisting of himself, Seth Rollins, and Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley in AEW), who have both found singles success since the trio split in 2014. Since his return, Reigns has debuted a new attitude both in the ring, in his character, and in the fashion sense that he brings every time he steps between the ropes.

Upon Reigns' return, it was evident he was not alone. Quickly aligning with his cousins, the Usos, following a feud with them, Reigns began to show off a brash and arrogant side of himself. This was often seen during backstage segments and live promos, where he was wearing tracksuits and a more relaxed clothing style not often seen in WWE up until this time. The Usos also began sporting snapbacks and graphic tanks or cut tees. Ultimately, this marked the birth of "The Bloodline", a faction that would quickly cement itself in WWE history as one of the most dominant and successful. They eventually added another family member, Solo Sikoa, to the fray. The group stood out from the rest of the roster by introducing a style of streetwear and clothing that had not been seen since someone like John Cena, who often wore a variety of sneakers and jerseys on his rise to the top.

"Just on the shelves alone, probably 75 pairs or so," - Roman Reigns on his growing sneaker collection.

In 2021, Reigns would be featured on "Sneaker Shopping with Complex", as the mainstream would start to take notice of the work that Reigns and his family were putting out on weekly WWE programming and premium events. Aside from the compelling story detailed every week, so would the wardrobe of The Bloodline. Reigns would be interviewed by Sports Illustrated in 2022 detailing his sneaker collection and the different styles he enjoys when it comes to the shoe game he displays weekly. Reigns stated the Jordan 1 as an all-time favorite and the Jordan 4 as an aesthetic favorite. The Usos on the other hand are often seen keeping it classic and simple, usually wearing a white or red pair of Nike Air Force 1s, a simple yet effective pair to keep in rotation.

Most recently in a groundbreaking segment featuring the return of The Rock to WWE programming positioning himself with The Bloodline, Reigns was seen in the Jordan 6 Retro "Toro Bravo" and as many casual fans would tune in for "The People's Champ", the sneakers on the feet of Reigns would not be dismissed.

It has been unheard of for a WWE Superstar to receive a signature sneaker deal with a major footwear supplier up until this point. However, a deal with Reigns and The Bloodline would not be shocking if they were able to get into negotiations. They have been cemented as a top act, and alongside The Rock, Roman has definitely become the top guy that WWE has been positioning him as since his initial singles breakout in 2014.

Roman Reigns enters his 9th WrestleMania main event this weekend, teaming with The Rock on Night One. They will be facing off against a man with a fashion sense of his own, Reigns' former partner Seth Rollins, who will team with longstanding Bloodline rival, Cody Rhodes. Additionally, Reigns is scheduled for double duty as he has a main event title defense against Rhodes on Night Two.

Triple H goes Complex Sneaker Shopping ahead of WrestleMania XL. Triple H goes Complex Sneaker Shopping ahead of WrestleMania XL. dark. Next