Godzilla Minus One team roars on to the Oscars red carpet with iconic Godzilla heels

Godzilla often plays the heel, but have you ever seen him become one?

96th Oscars Nominees Luncheon
96th Oscars Nominees Luncheon / JC Olivera/GettyImages

Is it too early to declare a winner of this year’s Oscars? Because the team from Godzilla: Minus One, which is up for Best Visual Effects, showed up to the red carpet rocking iconic Godzilla heels.

The news was shared via the official Godzilla X (formerly Twitter) account, showing off the tricked-out kicks, including black shoes, and black heels, all with Godzilla hands as the one or two-inch heels.

The movie has been an enormous hit worldwide, revisiting the atomic origins of Godzilla through a more modern lens. The global box office has been huge as well as the domestic box office, making it the biggest Godzilla movie from Japan in United States history.

And now the team is competing for Best Visual Effects at this year’s Oscars, including director Takashi Yamazaki. Not only that, Yamazaki is the first director nominated for Best Visual Effects since Stanley Kubrick won for 2001: A Space Odyssey – and there’s every chance Yamazaki might win, as well.

While you can’t see the heels as clearly, the four members of the Godzilla: Minus One team were also featured in another Xeet from the official account, noting they were, “From head to toe, our nominees are ready to go.”

Each of the nominees has their own Godzilla figurine, with Yamazaki showing off a golden one with a bow tie. Which is very cute, but we want to know when these incredible shoes go on sale. We’d pay a near-infinite amount of dollars to have a pair – minus one dollar, of course.

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