Get fit with Russell Wilson's trainer and his top 3 workout shoes

NFL trainer and coach John Shackleton shares his top three picks for workout shoes that are great for the gym and beyond.

Nike training shoe display in a Nike store...
Nike training shoe display in a Nike store... / John Greim/GettyImages

When it comes to training the most important aspect of your wardrobe is the shoes in my opinion. And who better to recommend a good pair of workout shoes than a guy who has dedicated his life to fitness and performance?

That's why I connected with former Villanova Men's Basketball Performance Coach, John Shackleton, who currently serves as the trainer to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara to get his take on the best workout shoes on the market right now.

Famed NFL quarterback Russell Wilson has an intelligent mind at the helm of his training in John Shackleton, who chooses these three ideal workout sneakers.

1. Nike Free Metcon 5

Coach Shack's top choice was the Nike Free Metcon 5 and what's not to love about these shoes? The design is absolute fire and according to Shack, they are very functional.

""Love the versatility with these. Provide great support for lateral movements and more functional-based training. Provide enough flexibility for sprints as well.""

John Shackleton

2. Adidas Men's Ultraboost

Next up on his list is an all-time classic, the Adidas Ultraboost sneakers. Here's what Coach Shack had to say about these:

""Love these for tempo runs and longer steady state runs, they provide excellent support overall for linear running. Love how they are very lightweight too.""

John Shackleton

3. Nike Metcon 9 Men's Workout Shoes

Rounding out the list are these Metcon 9 workout shoes from Nike. These are made specifically for gym workouts so it's no wonder they made the list.

""These Metcons are great on days where I'm moving less and focusing on just lower body max strength days such as heavy squats and deadlifts or training the Olympic lift exercises. They provide little more support and stiffness than the Nike Free Metcon 5.""

John Shackleton

If you're in the market for some new, high-performance workout shoes, the three options listed above are a good place to start picking from.

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