Does Denver Nuggets MVP, Nikola Jokic, Have a Shoe Line?

2023 NBA Finals - Game Five
2023 NBA Finals - Game Five / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

At 28 years old, Nikola Jokic is at the top of his game. On June 12, Jokic became the NBA final MVP following the Denver Nuggets championship win over the Miami Heat. The win is a big one for the Nuggets, and Jokic, too. Right now, his MVP title is missing one additional perk, an exclusive sneaker deal. According to the Denver Gazette, Jokic doesn't yet have a signature shoe and is perfectly OK with it. When asked about the possibility of releasing a signature shoe via Nike, Jokic told the publication that he had not had any conversations with the prolific sneaker purveyor. While he's nonchalant about it, he's not against the idea. He told the publication that slipping his size 16 foot into a signature shoe "would be nice." 

What sneakers does Nikola Jokic wear? 

While Jokic doesn't have his own signature sneaker line, he's still pretty loyal to one brand. Jokic has laced up mostly Nike sneakers throughout his NBA career before hitting the court. The famed center wore LeBron Soliders on the court during his earliest seasons but cycled between Nike and Adidas shoes for a bit. Recently it's been exclusively Nike shoes. 

It's been all about the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jumps this season, though. He wore the Nike Air Zoom G.T. Jumps for almost all of the 2023 season in various colorways, and he didn't change things up for the Denver Nuggets' championship run, either. The hightop sneaker features a double-stacked cushion and a woven upper that makes them a bit understated but still unique. 

Nikola Jokic does make his sneakers unique in one sentimental way 

While Jokic doesn't have an exclusive sneaker deal, he does do something that makes his sneakers truly one of a kind. According to Footwear News, if you look closely at the star's shoes, you'll notice a gold ring attached to his laces. The 6'11-inch center slips his wedding ring onto his sneaker laces before each game. 

Jokic married Natalija Jokic in 2020, but the duo have been together for over a decade. According to People, the Jokics first met back in high school in Serbia. Natilija, who moved to the United States to play volleyball, followed Nikola to Denver for his rookie season. The couple welcomed a child in 2021.