Bronny James hits Complex's Sneaker Shopping ahead of 2024 NBA Draft

The latest guest on Complex's popular YouTube series is Bronny James, the eldest child of NBA great LeBron James and a possible 2024 NBA Draft pick.
USC v Washington
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Opinions about Bronny James' basketball potential are sharply divided, with some believing he could carve out a serviceable professional career, and others severely doubting his ability to impact the NBA significantly. Bronny's mediocre collegiate run left a lot to be desired though, with a less than impressive freshman season as part of the USC Trojans. There, Bronny James put up rather abysmal statistics of just over four points, nearly three rebounds, and a little above two assists per game, in roughly 19 minutes of on-court time. His percentages were just as atrocious, shooting 36% from the field, 26% on his three-pointers, and 67% at the free-throw line. Nevertheless, Bronny still threw his name in the hat of 2024 NBA Draft prospects, working out with various playoff-contending teams like the Phoenix Suns and his father's Los Angeles Lakers squad.

Bronny James is no generational prospect, but he's ambitious to be one of the 58 names called in the 2024 NBA Draft.

Call him what you want, an overhyped nepotism baby to some or a hungry, young gun trying to carve out his own legacy separate from his dad, Bronny James is determined to prove the doubters wrong. But before he hopes to hear his name called at the 2024 NBA Draft, Bronny James had the privilege of being a milestone guest on the 300th episode of Complex Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma.

Joining La Puma at SoleStage in Los Angeles, the two embarked on a fun adventure, engaging in a lively conversation about various topics. The episode touched on Bronny's thoughts about the upcoming NBA draft, his family's enthusiasm for sneakers, and the significance of wearing his father's Nike LeBron shoes as an influence. Additionally, Bronny shared his approach to selecting the perfect basketball shoes to wear during games, revealing his personal preferences and thought process.

Complex's Joe La Puma gave a statement to Sports Illustrated, where he spoke about the significance of having Bronny James on the program for a landmark 300th episode.

"Having Bronny was a perfect fit for the 300th episode of "Sneaker Shopping." It was important for us to look forward and have someone who has his whole future ahead of him—it's crazy to think the show premiered when Bronny was just six years old. Referencing iconic sneakers from his dad's past like the South Beach LeBron 8 was a really cool moment. It's significant that Bronny was on the show during one of the most important weeks of his life, with the NBA Draft being two days away. Having his only lifestyle interview to this point is definitely a tentpole moment for the show."

Complex's Joe La Puma

For the first-time ever in NBA Draft history, selections will be made over a two-night period. First round selections are set for Wednesday, June 26, eminating from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, and live on ESPN and ABC television networks. While the second round is set to take place on Thursday, June 27, from ESPN's Seaport District Studios in Manhattan, NY, with the time period to select these picks increased from two minutes to four. The 2024 NBA Draft as a whole when it comes to talent pool has received mixed reactions at best, with no major names sticking out as potential league-changing prospects. Mock draft predictions are placing international prospects Zaccharie Risacher and Alex Sarr among the top picks, while college standouts Reed Sheppard and Donovan Clingan are gaining attention as far as American prospects are concerned.

Fans will just have to tune in and see if Bronny James will be drafted at all. One thing's for sure though, most mock drafts don't even have Bronny coming anywhere close to being selected in the first round. If all things go to plan, it is expected that Bronny James will be selected late in the second round, possibly going 55th overall to his father's Los Angeles Lakers team. But, this isn't a lock, and Bronny James could also go undrafted in the 2024 NBA Draft.