Slamming the fashion game: The style standouts of the 2024 NBA Draft

The NBA's latest batch of freshmen came dressed to impress on draft night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.
2024 NBA Draft
2024 NBA Draft / Anadolu/GettyImages

As they waited to take their next step in their basketball careers, the NBA's latest batch of rookies sat patiently, eagerly anticipating the moment when Commissioner Adam Silver would call out their names. This year marked a historic first as the NBA draft process would be taking place over two nights, with the first round concluded on June 26 and the second round to follow on June 27.

Despite a relatively mediocre draft class, the Atlanta Hawks got a stroke of good fortune with the number one overall pick, selecting French forward Zaccharie Risacher, an international prospect. Next, another Frenchman followed Risacher's selection, as the Washington Wizards chose big man Alex Sarr with the second overall pick. French talent largely dominated the 2024 NBA Draft, with four total players selected in the first round, between Risacher, Sarr, Tidjane Salaün at sixth overall to the Charlotte Hornets, and Pacôme Dadiet at 25th overall to the New York Knicks.

Beyond the excitement of international prospects and the suspense of the first-round picks, NBA draft night is also a chance for the next generation of talent to make a statement off the court — and that means flaunting their fashion sense for the world to witness.

So, who stole the show with their sartorial splendor? Let's take a closer look at the best-dressed rookies on the red carpet and stage at this year's draft, as they looked to leave a stylish impression with their impeccable taste and confidence.

These three players left their mark, fashion-wise, at the 2024 NBA Draft.

Ja'Kobe Walter

As a self-proclaimed fan of the majestic color purple and a proud resident of Toronto, it's no surprise that I'm partial to the Raptors' brand of basketball. But even setting aside my biases, Ja'Kobe Walter's draft night ensemble was nothing short of CRISP. His stylish choice of attire, complete with a dashing purple hue, made him stand out from his classmates.

It's almost serendipitous that Walter landed with the Toronto Raptors, a team whose storied history is inextricably linked to the rich, regal hue of purple. As rumors swirl about a potential 30th franchise anniversary rebranding, which could see the Raptors return to their purple roots, it's as if fate has brought Walter full circle to a team that embodies his distinctive style.

The defensive wing from Baylor, Ja'Kobe Walter, added a touch of flair to his stylish ensemble with a glimmering chain emblazoned with the bold letters "WUBBS", a clever nod to his nickname.

Rob Dillingham

For 19-year-old Kentucky guard Rob Dillingham, he heard his name called by the San Antonio Spurs but soon found his draft rights rerouted in a trade to playoff contender Minnesota Timberwolves. But this didn't seem to phase Dillingham, and if anything, it got the lightning-quick guard super hyped to team up with league superstar Anthony Edwards in Minnesota.

At the 2024 NBA Draft, Rob Dillingham electrified the red carpet with an outfit that sparkled like a superstar, his attire shimmering with gemstones that added an extra layer of glamour to his already radiant presence.

Rob's outfit was a masterclass in understated elegance, with a sleek, silver chain adorning his neck and a pair of black-framed glasses. The subtle sparkle of the chain added a touch of sophistication to his overall look, while the glasses brought a hint of intellectual flair. The combination was the perfect foil to his bold, drippy attire, which was just fashionably loud enough to make a statement without overwhelming the senses.

Stephon Castle

Hands down, UCONN product Stephon Castle stole the show as far as outfits go at the 2024 NBA Draft. Rob Dillingham might've come in at a close second, but Castle's look was a cut above the rest. As a prospect, Castle possesses a lot of intangibles that NBA teams would love to have on their roster. He's a determined athlete and tenacious defender, and although he could use a lot of improvement in his three-point shot, Castle could grow into one of the league's most versatile guards.

All the hype surrounding Castle saw his stock rise to the number four overall pick, where the San Antonio Spurs selected him to pair with their blossoming young core headed by generational talent Victor Wembanyama.

The 19-year-old ex-Husky donned an outfit similar to fellow guard Rob Dillingham, except his outshined by a mile. Wearing a gleaming black and white blazer covered in what looked to be sparkles (clarified by Castle as "paint splatter"), it was Stephon's chain that caught the eyes of many to bring his draft day outfit full circle. Inspired by his last name, Stephon donned a chain with a diamond-encrusted castle pendant, which as he put it: "I let my chain really do most of the talking for my suit."

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