Adidas Brings a Beloved Homer Simpson Meme To Life on a Pair of Sneakers

Homer Simpson at the 71st Emmy Awards
Homer Simpson at the 71st Emmy Awards / Kevin Winter/GettyImages

If you've spent any time scrolling social media, you've seen the meme of Homer Simpson silently being enveloped by the bushes. The meme is a favorite on Twitter and Reddit and also appears in Apple's gif library. Now, that meme has inspired a pair of sneakers. Adidas has used the gif to design a pair of Stan Smith sneakers that pay homage to the great Homer Simpson. 

Adidas releases epic Homer Simpson sneakers 

Adidas has officially done it; they took one of the best-known memes on the internet and turned it into a sneaker. In collaboration with The Simpsons, Adidas released a pair of Stan Smiths commemorating Homer Simpson melting into the bushes, which became a popular meme around 2012. 

A pair of Adidas Stan Smiths are seen on foot at the DS Automobiles Italian Open
Adidas Stan Smith / Kate McShane/GettyImages

The sneakers were released on the official Adidas website on Aug. 28, featuring the standard, white Stan Smith upper. A small, golden "Homer Simpson" tag is on the shoe's side. Things start to really deviate from the traditional around the back of the shoe and on the sole, though. The sole is pre-yellowed to offer a vintage look. The heel of the shoe features the iconic scene of Homer disappearing into the bushes, with a fuzzy green material and an embroidered Homer. 

The sneaker's interior has something a bit special for The Simpsons fans, too. A custom sock liner commemorates the collaboration. The sneakers retail for $120 but are expected to move fast. 

Where did the "Homer in the Bushes" meme come from? 

The meme of Homer melting back into the bushes has been used across the internet for years. Most people use the meme to express a desire to disappear from a situation or to listen in on a conversation without being noticed. The meme is also used to point out the awkwardness of something. While we have all seen it, do we know where it came from? 

According to Vulture, the meme was pulled from a 1994 episode of The Simpsons. The episode dealt with Homer's strange and sudden desire to be around Ned Flanders. While the scene was funny in the moment, it was largely seen as a throwaway animation at the time. No one thought about the scene for nearly 20 years, and then it became a meme. 

Vulture traced the meme back to 2010 but noted it didn't gain significant traction until 2012 or 2014 when the graphic began making the rounds on Reddit. From there, it took on a life of its own, and we can't imagine the meme ever disappearing completely. It even appeared as a meme on The Simpsons in season 30.