Another colorful set of Action Bronson x New Balance sneakers are on their way

The 40-year-old Queens native has been involved in previous New Balance projects, and his upcoming 1906R collection is just as vibrant as his last ones.
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It'd be hard to miss Action Bronson in a crowd. Also known by his monikers "Mr. Baklava" and "Bam Bam", the 40-year-old rapper from Queens can often be spotted sitting in the crowd of his hometown New York Knicks' games, UFC events, and even professional wrestling shows. Bronson is absolute mountain of a man, with his shaved head, prominent beard, and numerous tattoos. Bam Bam loves to showcase his style through clothing and sneakers, where he's taken his creative input and fashionable touch to the New Balance brand through a multitude of exclusive collaborative projects.

Rapper Action Bronson is no stranger to bringing his colorful personality to the world of New Balance.

Bronson has been featured in many of New Balance's advertising campaigns, whether it's for their Fresh Foam X running shoes, or the timeless staple of their brand, the MADE In USA 990. Speaking of the flagship New Balance American-made sneaker, Action Bronson released a set of his own curated 990s, in two funky color variants — "Baklava" in Spring 2023 and " Lapis Lazuli" in Summer 2023. A regular set of core 990s doesn't come cheap, as they typically start at a retail value of around $260, but the special-edition Bronson 990s skyrocketed in value quickly upon release. Resell value can cost you anywhere from $400 to $1,000+ on third-party platforms like StockX.

And so, another year comes around for the next dose of Bam Bam flair to the New Balance identity. This time, Bronson will be involved in a set of New Balance 1906R sneakers, a model that pays name homage to the year of New Balance's inception.

The 1906R is no stranger to being involved with high-profile names in music, as fellow rapper Jack Harlow is expected to release his 1906R collection later this Summer. Fans can anticipate three distinct 1906R colorways similar to the lively spirit brought by Action Bronson to the 990: “Medusa Azul", “Scorpius”, and “Rosewater". Speaking on the significance of the "Rosewater" color variant, Bronson said this:

"To have water that’s been extracted from a rose sprayed all over your face and your body… It’s truly one of the most decadent and luxurious things that you could have done to yourself in life. It’s the preservation of youth. It’s known to be in my favorite desserts. It’s something that lives within me. It’s that little droplet on the edge of the petal that seems like it’s just stuck there forever, and then gently falls upon you… splash. I really don’t know what else to say. These are all singular pieces of my soul and my art. Enjoy it."

Action Bronson (NYC 2024)

The Action Bronson x New Balance 1906R collection is set to drop on May 31st. Despite the close release date, no further details have been revealed on the sneaker's retail price tags, but expect to see the shoes available for purchase on the official New Balance website, and Bronson's online shop