Aaron Rodgers Announced a Partnership With a Shoe Brand Just Days Before His Season-Ending Injury

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers / Michael Owens/GettyImages

Aaron Rodgers' season with the New York Jets was cut short on Monday night, just four days after he took to Instagram to announce his partnership with a shoe brand. While Rodgers won't be wearing a pair of cleats again this season, he may still be able to get into the dress shoes he's crazy about. Aaron Rodgers is partnering with Amberjack, a young shoe company whose mission is to bring comfort to dress footwear. 

Aaron Rodgers' NFL season ended in just four snaps after an Achilles injury

The first Monday Night Football of the season was heavily hyped. Not only were two New York teams facing off against each other, but Aaron Rodgers was making his debut with the New York Jets. The trade was the most talked about move of the season, and Jets fans, many of whom have suffered through disappointing season after disappointing season, believed Rodgers could help them turn it all around. He'll have to do it from the sidelines now. 

Aaron Rodgers and Leonard Floyd in the Buffalo Bills v New York Jets game played on 9/11/23
Aaron Rodgers is pursued by Leonard Floyd / Al Pereira/GettyImages

Rodgers was injured and taken off the field during the Jets' fourth play of the game. Eventually, he was carted to the locker room for X-rays. He did not return to the field, and the Jets organization remained tightlipped about the injury. According to ESPN, early speculation turned out to be correct. The outlet has reported that Aaron Rodgers will miss the rest of the NFL season with a torn Achilles tendon. 

Aaron Rodgers is partnering with dress sneaker brand, Amberjack 

Days before Rodgers' season-ending injury, he hung out on Instagram, posting photos from his life. One of those uploads was all about Amberjack. In the post, uploaded on September 8, Rodgers is seen hanging out at Amberjack's headquarters. 

The commercial-style video announced the famed quarterback's partnership with the company and his commitment to helping craft the "most comfortable" dress shoe ever made. The video was engaging enough to garner more than 1,400 comments. Before announcing his partnership with Amberjack, Rodgers posted videos from the U.S. Open and a golf championship in Lake Tahoe. 

What is Amberjack? 

Amberjack is a dress shoe company founded in 2020 by John Peters. Peters had previously worked for several well-known companies in strategy and development. He decided to turn his sights on crafting the perfect dress shoe. 

Amberjack promises a stylish shoe that retains the comfort most people find only in sneakers. The elegant leather uppers and technologically advanced soles create an exceptionally versatile wearing experience. The shoes, according to Luxe Digital, are breathable and comfortable for many hours. Ethically sourced leather, sustainable packaging, and a moderate price tag make Amberjack a company to watch for sneakerheads who also require a dress shoe in their collection.