COMING SOON: 3 new Nocta x Nike Air Force 1 "Love You Forever" colorways

Drake freshens up his Nocta line with three new pastel color-themed models of his Nike Air Force 1 "Love You Forever" silhouette.
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People love the Air Force 1 silhouette, it's stylish and simple to pair with any outfit. So, it comes as no surprise that rap superstar Drake chose to make his own Air Force 1 model as part of his NOCTA project with Nike. However, Drake put his own little signature touch by engraving the words "Love You Forever" in cursive along the midsole. When Drake's first "Love You Forever" model came out, it didn't differ much from the original, classic Air Force 1 in the pure "White" colorway. But now, for the Holiday 2024 lineup and one scheduled for Spring 2025, the "Love You Forever" Air Force 1s are getting some color added to their catalog, albeit in a pretty toned-down pastel theme.

Drake's recent beef with Kendrick Lamar may not have been lighthearted, but his upcoming NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 colorways sure are.

For those seeking to elevate their sneaker game with a stylish yet understated addition, the "Palest Purple" colorway is an absolute must-have. This captivating combination of soft, muted purple and cobalt blue undertones produces a sophisticated and eye-catching aesthetic that exudes refinement and poise. With its unique blend of subtlety and flair, this striking colorway is poised to become a fan favorite among sneaker enthusiasts.

Also on tap for Holiday 2024 is the introduction of a "Citron Tint" colorway, a bold and uplifting hue that's sure to make a statement. This vibrant shade is reminiscent of sun-kissed citrus groves and promises to add a burst of energy to any outfit. With its warm undertones, Citron Tint is sure to be a standout piece that will elevate your style game.

Finally, set to drop in Spring 2025, is a pair in a "Pink Foam" color variant. Like its contemporaries, the "Pink Foam" NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 makes for a soft-toned, light-wear sneaker preferably matching the spring and summer seasons.

In all honesty, all three are best suited for the summer as they're way too light of a shade to rock during the fall and winter months. But good news for all those cold-loving folks who want to get their hands on a set of NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 styles, each colorway listed above is set to also recieve its own matching Nike Tech Fleece set. This announcement gives the sneakers immediate apparel pieces to match for those lost and confused about how to style the upcoming colorways.