The new UFC x Anti Social Social Club collection packs a decent punch

The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand partnered with the leading mixed martial arts giant for a co-curated line of apparel and accessories.
In this photo illustration the Ultimate Fighting...
In this photo illustration the Ultimate Fighting... / SOPA Images/GettyImages

Chances are you’ve probably seen somebody rocking an Anti Social Social Club t-shirt. You know, those black tees with a giant set of writing on the chest and back, that reads a slanted “ANTI SOCIAL SOCIAL CLUB”. Well, even if you haven’t, the LA-based streetwear company has been going strong for nearly a decade now. They’ve collaborated alongside other brands including BAPE (or A Bathing Ape), Playboy, Hello Kitty, Formula 1, and Hot Wheels, just to name a few. But for a June 2024 collection, Anti Social Social Club has turned to the MMA world’s dominant force in the UFC for a wide line of ASSC x UFC products.

So, what exactly would Anti Social Social Club and the UFC have in common? To be fair, the UFC has come out with Full Send merchandise in the past, and I feel that collaboration was a lot more gimmicky than this one. Sure, an ASSC x UFC collab doesn’t make a ton of sense, but hey, if there’s money to be made then why the heck not?

The UFC collection delivers on the front of wearable merchandise at that, despite ASSC’s over-the-top branding style.

You have a fair bit of jackets and outerwear to choose from in the ASSC x UFC collection. Some notable pieces that stand out include the varsity jacket that features various UFC and ASSC emblems throughout. If varsity jackets aren’t up your alley, how about a coaches jacket, available in both black and blue selections. 

If hoodies are your thing, there is a vast amount of styles to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a simple hoodie with the UFC and ASSC brandings, or you wanna spice things up a bit with one of your favorite UFC characters featured, there’s something for you. Keep in mind, the fighters and personalities listed are limited to two Conor McGregor styles, a Bruce Buffer option, Sean O’Malley, and Jon Jones. 

T-shirts and long sleeves are up the same alley with similar styles, although there is an Ilia Topuria design available that does not come in the form of a hoodie. To round out the apparel bunch, you have a couple sweatpants and shorts to match with your upper body products, with socks and a hat also available if you wanna go the absolute full set.

Obscure tertiary items include an ASSC x UFC bed set with Conor McGregor’s likeness prominently displayed, an ASSC x UFC Main Event Neon Sign (which is actually sold out now, mind you), an umbrella, mouth guard, and replica corner stool like you see in the fights. 

Prices will run you anywhere from $24 USD for a set of socks, $55 USD for a t-shirt, roughly $90 USD for a hoodie, and upwards of $250 USD for a premium item like the varsity jacket. The Anti Social Social Club x UFC collection is now live on their official website, with styles only available while supplies last. So if you’re a fight fan with a flair for streetwear, go shop now!